A Very Touching Deaf Violinist Commercial From Thailand – digg china


This video from Thailand has been spreading on Kaixin001 (a popular Chinese social network):

Comments from Youku:


As a big man, I have to honestly say that I was really moved. I was not moved by the story, but rather completely moved by the commercial. You cannot see any business intent whatsoever, because the commercial was made to the highest level. Just this point alone is worth of admiration. One word ~~ awesome/great!!


This was just a commercial? If all commercials were like this, I would no longer watch tv shows.


Canon is a good song ~ the commercial is also a good commercial ~
But from an economic benefit angle, this commercial is actually not a good commercial, because no one will remember Pantene and will only remember this story. Moreover, the commercial is too long, and very expensive!



Why is the commercial for China such trash??

It is also a commercial for Pantene!

But in China it is just a pretty girl standing their throwing her hair,

but in Thailand it is such a moving and deep commercial?

I used to think only commercials in the West were good.


This is the difference, if you are making an advertisement for shampoo in China, you will only see a pretty girl throwing her hair around, while this commercial reflects life. I most liked the exchange between the deaf girl and that old street performer: “Why am I different from others?” “Why do you have to be like others?”


Because I am a healthy [not handicapped] person, it did not resonate very strong with me. However, it truly shook me. Because at the climax, the hair blown by the wind was very beautiful…I had goosebumps.


So fake, like watching a Korean drama, anyway I was not moved.


Good video, completely ruined by the advertisement at the end.


There is one thing I am certain of, the cost of advertisements in Thailand are definitely not as expensive as China.

Did you like this commercial? Did you expect it to be a commercial for Pantene shampoo?

Netizens Angry Shanghai Allowed Swine Flu To Enter China – digg china


Yesterday, Hong Kong confirmed the first case of Swine Flu (H1N1) after a passenger arrived in Hong Kong on a China Eastern flight from Mexico that also passed through Shanghai. Many netizens are very upset and angry and blame Shanghai for allowing the plane to enter China.



Comments from Sina:


The whole world is forbidding Mexican airline from entering their countries, but our country up to a few days was still allowing uninterrupted entry to those airplanes from infected countries, even exaggeratingly saying we have the ability to detect carriers.  How is this kind of defense awareness different from dereliction of duty, with such a serious consequence for such dereliction?


To the Shanghai officials who allowed the Mexican airline in: 1. Have you considered that there are some people with ulterior motives who want to bring the disease to China? 2. Can the current detection method filter the virus? 3. If the virus brought into the country by the airplane spreads, how big of an effect will it have on China’s economy, how many people will die, and how far-reaching of an effect on society? To those officials who ignore the country’s interests and the people’s safety, I want to express my extreme indignation, and strongly request the central government to make a thorough investigation.


That the virus can be concealed/in incubation, I already thought of.
Even before hearing the news, I was very surprised to see airplanes still entering Shanghai, what use is thermal sterilization? If the virus is in incubation and not apparent, how can you detect it?
Now it is already like this. These officials, they never learn their lesson, they should have long ago prohibited the airplane!!!


Upon seeing the news about that flight yesterday I was very angry! It is simply being irresponsible to the people of our country, and the unimaginable thing still happened! With the plane having flown over 10 hours, the other people on the plane definitely were also infected! Dammit. This time the joke is not funny!! BS China Eastern!!..


Didn’t Shanghai do an investigation/detection? Now that the flu has been spread to here, how do we understand/deal with the risks/danger? Who will bear the consequences of what this leads to? The relevant officials really underestimated the seriousness of this problem. This kind of irresponsible attitude makes people disgusted.


It turns out to be truly be as expected! Truly a disaster caused by that flight yesterday! Europe and Japan both canceled flights to and from Mexico and other infected areas, so why did we not cancel Mexican flights entering China? Those airline officials are playing with the lives of the country’s citizen’s and the country’s safety!


Faint, Shanghai to Hong Kong, detected upon reaching Hong Kong, so was Shanghai unable to detect it? The failure of the relevant organizations makes people disappointed. The SARS nightmare was only a few years ago. Pained.


Why hasn’t the Shanghai’s Health Department come out to say something yet?


Truly speechless, and [Shanghai] wants to compete with Hong Kong to be the international financial center? Do they feel stupid now?~


Calm down, so many things that happened in 2008 but China still made it through, nothing to worry about.



Comments from NetEase:


I suggest canceling from Mexico to China all flights, ships, etc…


How come they have not yet stopped flights from Mexico!!!??? Why!!!???


Shanghai is just a stupid cunt!!!


We should forbid Mexican people from entering. This is not about humanism, this is about an epidemic.


Everyone, when the infected person is not in a fever condition, it cannot be checked, and he will not go get checked, because he himself also does not know he has been infected, so we cannot blame Shanghai and also cannot blame the infected person! Everyone needs to be reasonable.


If we are going to quarantine, we should have quarantined before. Quarantining now is what bullshit use?
This flu has an incubation period, and the most dangerous thing is that this incubation period does not have any symptoms, but can be infectious.
Discovering this example was like this. In Shanghai, they did not detect it, and according to the time reckoning, he was in Shanghai during the incubation period, and came down with the disease upon reaching Hong Kong.
Who was he in contact with during the incubation period? Afterward, who was in contact with who??
Just thinking about it is frightening. Truly a fish who ruined a pot of soup [one thing that ruined everything else].
Shanghai Airport was simply stupid, clearly aware that during the incubation period it cannot be detected yet still allowing the Mexican airplane in.


Stop making excuses for Shanghai…during the SARS time, how many Americans forbid us from entering…not humane? Would letting our own people suffer be humane? Don’t pretend to be righteous here.

Was it a mistake for Shanghai or China to allow the plane from Mexico to enter the country?

Leftover Men & Leftover Women Rating Surveys – digg china


From Baidu Baike:

“Leftover Men” refers to the currently relatively trendy over 30-years-old still single male comrades.

From Baidu Baike:

Leftover women: A group of highly educated, high income, older-aged young women [28-35-years old] who cannot obtain their ideal fates [marriages].

“Leftover women” is a new name for those those older young women, who can also be called “3S women”: Single, Seventies (most were born in the 70s), Stuck — single, these people generally have high education and high incomes, and outstanding prospects.

From NetEase:

Recently, netizen “I have fainted!” posted a topic claiming that through the investigation of hundreds of unmarried successful gentlemen they have created leftover men, leftover women rating forms. If the two forms are completed with scores that are separated by around 10 points, then the male-female couple can be considered to be of equal status.

With regards to these two rating forms, most netizens have treated them as a joke. However, while making fun of the person who made these forms as having nothing better to do, many netizens are also taking the test, finding their scores and posting their ideas for altering/improving the rating forms. Some netizens have asked why the creator of the rating forms did not explain the significance of the high or low scores; while other netizens believe the rating form creator’s  use of sexual ability and sexual experience as important factors is extremely unreliable.

Leftover Women Survey:

  1. Age
    23 and under (10 pts); 23-25 (8 pts); 25-27 (6 pts); 28-29 (4pts); 29-32 (1 pt); 32 and above (0 pts)
  2. Features/Appearance
    Fair skin, beautiful appearance (10 pts); fair skin, proper/correct features (8 pts); fair skin, features collectively are relatively harmonious (6 pts); beautiful appearance, poor skin (4 pts);  proper/correct features, poor skin (1 pt); poor skin, features not harmonious (0 pts)
  3. Height
    165-172 (10 pts); 158-164 (8 pts); 172-174 (6 pts); 155-158 (4 pts); 174-176 (1 pt); the rest 0 pts
  4. Weight
    45-50kg (10 pts); 50-55kg (8 pts); 40-45kg (6 pts); height 165cm and above 55-60kg (4 pts); height 158cm and below 35-40kg (1 pt); the rest 0 pts
  5. Body/Physique
    Front protrudes, back perky, waist and legs distinct (10 pts); long legs, ample breasts (8 pts); fine and well proportioned (6 pts); airport + proportionate (4 pts); plump and smooth skinned + relatively poor proportions (1 pt); Either long waist and short legs, out of proportion, entire body dull, etc. 0 pts
  6. Education
    Bachelor’s Degree in popular major (10 pts); 211 Bachelor’s Degree (8 pts); Associate’s Degree (6 pts); high school or vocational school (4 pts); Either third-rate Bachelor’s Degree or Doctorate and above 0 pts
  7. Place of origin
    Prefecture level city (10 pts); average provincial capital city (8 pts); first-line cities (6 pts); county seat (4 pts); small town (1 pt); rural 0 pts
  8. Background
    Rich/powerful family (10 pts); high-ranking government child (8 pts); parents have high positions in companies (6 pts); civil servant household (4 pts); relatively well-off (1 pt); the others 0 pts
  9. Personality
    Gentle, considerate (10 pts); gentle, a little temper (4 pts), not gentle 0 pts
  10. Chastity
    CN (20 pts), Not-CN (-20 pts)

Leftover Men Survey:

  1. Occupation
    Profitable entrepreneur (10 pts); small family business (8 pts); back office civil servant (6 pts); medium to high position in company (4 pts); low-level white-collar worker (1 pt), the rest 0 pts
  2. Assets
    10 million or above (10pts); 5-10 million (8 pts); 2-5 million (6 pts); 1-2 million (4 pts); 500k-1 million (1 pt); less than 500k 0 pts
  3. Height
    178-183 (10 pts); 183-186 (8 pts); 175-178 (6 pts); 170-174 (4 pts); 186-189 (1 pt); the rest 0 pts
  4. Age
    26-32 (10 pts); 32-36 (8 pts); 23-26 (6 pts); 36-40 (4 pts); 20-23 (1 pt), the rest 0 pts
  5. Appearance
    Relatively handsome (10 pts); proper/correct features (8 pts); average (6 pts); relatively ugly (4 pts);  extremely ugly (1 pt); no such thing as zero points for men’s appearance
  6. Education
    Famous university MBA (10 pts); “sea turtle” returnee (8 pts); Famous university Bachelor’s Degree (6 pts); 211 Master’s Degree (4 pts); 211 Bachelor’s Degree (1 pt); third-rate Bachelor’s Degree and under 0 pts
  7. House/Property
    N [many/multiple] houses (10 pts); 2 or more hoouses (8 pts); 1 un-mortgaged fully owned house (6 pts); currently paying mortgage (4 pts); paying 3k or above rent (1 pt); the others 0 pts
  8. Car
    Audi A6 or better (10 pts); Passat-grade (8 pts); Elantra-grade (6 pts); Peugeot 307, Fit-grade (4 pts); Geely, Chery-grade (1 pt); other 0 pts
  9. Place of Origin
    Europe or America (10 pts); Singapore, Hong Kong (8 pts); Korea (6 pts); China city (4 pts); other (1 pt); rural 0 pts
  10. Sexual Ability
    No ED (20 pts), ED (-20 pts) [ED = erectile dysfunction]

Comments from XCar:


Not single, but I still came in…and I did not come in vain because I have learned something…


…for the last one, I am definitely adding points…I do not even have to think about it.


82 point leftover man flutters/floats by~~


The points for those cars are hilarious.


The point setup is seriously unreasonable.
Height, age, appearance, car are not just a few points in the eyes of MM, no less than property, and even no less than assets. A man with tens of millions can buy N amount of A6, so they should at least get several tens of points.
Pretty MM all hold out for rotten old men.


Niu person…
Shouldn’t virgin men get added points?


Why do non-virgins lose points? Nowadays who wants virgins, they’re like a piece of wood.


This topic is too harsh towards women, and the requirements for the men are generally much looser! ~~

Comments from NetEase:


Most older leftover women are leftover because they are not CN.
Those who should be responsible should go be responsible.


Ha, I have 84!


Men’s grade.
Just passed “medium” grade.
I am striving to reach 85 and “good” this year.
90 and above’s “excellent” grade I will not think about for now.


I only got the last question’s 20 points, I have no hope.


Fuck, my girlfriend is 80, but I am only 5 points, what kind of world is this!!


Faint, I am 000000 points.


Very realistic! 99% of marriages are all related with these factors, adding them up and then deciding whether or not to marry. Haha, genius.


55 points, looking for one girlfriend, please send your report card to…


46 points, male, I did not get any points for half of the items, no wonder I am TMD leftover, there was a reason after all.


FUCK! Only 20 points! Looks like I will not be able to find my other half in this lifetime. CAO!

How many points do you have?

The Stories Of Hotel Rooms In China – digg china


From NetEase:

These past two days, a group of images titled “Those things that happen in hotel rooms” have been spreading hotly on the internet. Although this group of pictures are works of art, many netizens feel they are very realistic.  There are also netizens both in the know and netizens who are not in the know who say this group of images were inspired by a group of foreign work by a well-known American commercial photographer named Lyndon Wade, whose clients include Sony, Virgin, Pepsi, General Electric, Best Buy, Dodge, BBDO and other famous companies and advertising companies. Official Website: http://lyndonwade.com

His group of photos named “Room 107″ capture from a single angle the moments that happen in a hotel room, including murder, sex, marriage, violence, family, life attitudes of the elderly, etc., and are very interesting.











Here are the original foreign Lyndon Wade photographs:





Comments from KDS:


Excellent, pretty interesting.


I cannot distinguish if these were drawn or photographed.


Haha…good post!! downloading


downloading Artistic, you can go to France to exhibit.


downloading A little exaggerated, but it is a miniature [representation] of this society.


downloading Very good pictures, very realistic.


With such limited space, it relies on the imagination. It appears there are several stories involved. For example a child kidnapped.


downloading The artwork and creativity are both not bad.


All hard disk!

All hard disk!

All hard disk!


If you put all of the pictures put together you can make a story. downloading


Very harmonious,
very realistic. downloading


So what about the originals~~
Only when it matches/resembles the state of our country can it resonate~~~
My young artistic spirit has again been lit~~~



Comments from NetEase:


Interesting, social realism, especially that one with the official seal.




Those who get out of the house know — this is the true side of society…


Hahaha, exceedingly niubi post!
So classic! If it were made into a movie it would be even better!


Normally I do not like to look at these kind of things, but, truly ~ so niu


Work of realism.

Great works of art are created this way.


Fake, made with Photoshop.

Do you have any interesting stories of hotel rooms?

Guangdong Girls Beating & Kicking A Single Girl…Again – digg china


From NetEase (no longer available):

Everyone, I am posting this video onto the BBS. After seeing it, my heart aches very much. I truly do not know. Even yelling out the most hateful language does not relieve the anger in my heart. Look and see how vicious little girls are these days! (The place where this happened is in Guangdong Jieyang Mianhu [Cotton Lake?] Park)

Upon seeing this heartache causing scene, do not say this is an isolated incident because that is an excuse. We must not use simple excuses to cover up the problems of today’s education system! Do not just pursue grades/scores and overlook moral and character education, so sad~~ what a tragedy~~ when will this end?

The NetEase post topic has been deleted. However, the video is still available:









Comments from NetEase (no longer available):


Why does this kind of thing always happening in Guangdong recently?


Young people are easily impulsive.


Heartache! In the 70s, this kind of thing happened very rarely, fighting is a very shameful thing!


Those three really fucking were not raised by mothers, fuck, one look and you can fucking see they are even worse than beasts.


Sigh~ it can only be said that I feel sadness for their parents~~


This has a bit of murderous-intent.
That kicking girl,
have you imagined before what it feels like to be kicked like this?


I finally understand. It turns out that girl was being beaten because she had previously yelled at one of the girls. I myself am from there, right now working elsewhere, and seeing this kind of thing makes me feel really pained.


I cannot finish watching, truly too detestable, how can there be this kind of person, are they still girls, do they have any humanity? Are they cold-blooded animals?


Thinking back to the time when I was still in school, would something like this happen?
A few so-called post-90s generation only know how to accuse us of targeting [unfairly blaming] you guys.

Have you guys asked yourselves what kind of things you guys are doing in school?


If I see that white clothed whore I will definitely first fuck then kill, then fuck her entire family.


Pisses me off, this bunch of pigs. Recently when watching videos I keep watching the seconds count down, why is it like this, why treat a single girl like this, have you all gone crazy? No matter why, is it necessary to be like this? Are you not afraid of heavenly retribution? Damn you guys, seriously damn you bunch of inhuman scum.


I have very deep feelings having seen this video. What are children like these days? Each of them are like female hoodlums. I am of the post-70s generation and I now teach my daughter not to fight with others, not to arbitrarily yell/curse at people, not to lie, to share with your friends when you have something good and not be selfish. Having seen this video, I now have decided to have my daughter go learn Taekwondo, etc. self-defense, so she can protect herself in the future, but at the very least I will teach her not to go attack other people.


If the girl who was beaten can see my words, then that would be best.
If one day you are being bullied by others, do not be soft, seize one person and fight/attack with all your strength, because only if you fight/attack fiercely/viciously will they be afraid of you, even if they have a lot of people together, seize one and fight/attack with all your strength.

Those beasts who were watching, I really want to fuck your wives, you guys do not deserve to be human.


Guangdong people are truly trash, truly fucking without character! I request a human flesh search!


The person filming has an even lower character. Simply no better than a pig or dog. Seeing a tragedy happen, you do not stop it, you even film it. If you have just a little humanity, you should have stopped it.


I can only say:
Too horrible to look at, these people do not have any humanity. This pitiful.
Fuck Guangdong people.
You guy are truly disgusting.
For China to have your kind of people
is truly embarrassing.


Wearing pink shoes and black stockings, that one, she hit from beginning to end, fuck, she is too deviant.


Is she stupid? Is the girl being beaten dead? Does not know how to fight back? Idiot? This kind of beating is a waste. Fucking deserves it. Even a rabbit will bite when pushed too far.


Within 7 minutes, kicked over 70 times!
With each kick my heart shook,
and with the 45th kick, she even had her head stepped on!
Where did their humanity all go?


Those people who passed by also did not do anything, so fuck, there wasn’t even someone who dared to say something? Several children bullying someone, with no one saying anything, I am truly astounded by the people from that cunt of a place, not even better than dogs.

What is wrong with Guangdong? Why do so many of these kind of things happen there?

Chinese Wedding Video Impress Netizens, Spreads Online – digg china

Here is another video that is being shared a lot on Kaixin001. It is a wedding video that many people think was made very well:

Comments from Tudou:


I don’t see what is so great about it!! The editing for my own wedding 10 years ago is no worse than this. The coordination between the music and the pictures in this are even a little inferior. And it should have included some ambient sounds. It would have been even better!


They used a bangzi song? They will have to listen to it for the rest of their lives. Such a tragedy.


Very moving. I hope they will live together to an old age. A very well-made film.

hazelnuts10 海外:

Amongst wedding films, this one was truly done well, very beautiful~~


I shed tears watching it, very moving, and the first time I have been moved by a stranger’s wedding.


TangChi Impression, from Shanghai, Tianjin also has a similar company, and apparently costs 7000 kuai, however that is only for the editing, and it would be even more expensive if including the filming.


What a blessed/happy feeling, I want to get married~~~


So touching, maybe this is one of the weddings that all women look forward to~


The groom is so handsome, haha! This kind of wedding is too touching.

What do you think of this wedding video? Is it very impressive or only average?

Chinese Girl’s Vagina Monologues University Presentation – digg china

This video of a Vagina Monologues presentation in a Chinese university sex education class is spreading on many BBS forums as well as Kaixin001. You probably should not watch this with sound at work.

UPDATE: The video was removed from Sina last night and the video from Baidu is strangely not working anymore. However, I can still see the video on the Baidu Tieba page although the source is the same.

2009 June 4 UPDATE: Added video from 56.com. Also, some netizens say the voice of the girl in the presentation is a foreigner and not a Chinese person. Also, this is from Fudan University.

These are the Chinese captions of the PPT presentation in the video. They explain the different types of orgasms or moaning of women:

  1. Satisfied moaning.
  2. Combination moaning.
  3. Pure/innocent moaning.
  4. Marathon moaning.
  5. Puritan moaning.
  6. Little dog moaning.
  7. Little baby moaning.
  8. American moaning.
  9. Japanese A-pian moaning
  10. Suddenly experiencing triple orgasm moaning.

All of the moaning was done by the same girl. The video probably also miss some from the beginning.

Comments on Baidu Tieba:






How could this post not become hot?? Leaving my name~


I’m hard.


Why was I not present at the time?


I want to attend this school.
Fuck, LZ, leave the name of the school!




Isn’t this is too niubi


Ah! Ah! I climaxed.


Bookmarked, will go home to hear sound.


I wonder if it is too late for me to change schools…


I only like watching her bite her lips or grabbing the pillowcase with all her strength…it is still better without noise, I am always afraid of disturbing other people.


I am just here to get soy sauce.


…I’m shy, got hard…after it finished, got soft…


Fuck, that girl, truly valiant, having learned that much…

What are other styles of moaning? Do you think the American style of moaning is true?

Beijing Police Officer Directs Traffic & Dances Cha Cha – digg china

From QQ:

Recently, the “Most Niu Traffic Police Officer Directs Traffic While Dancing Cha Cha” video has been spreading on the internet, where a man wearing a traffic police officer uniform in the midst of passing cars directing traffic began dancing the “Cha Cha”. At the same time as netizens were praising this, there were also netizens asking who this male traffic police officer is.

Yesterday, this reporter found out from the Beijing City traffic police department that this man is Haidian Traffic Detachment Qinghe Regiment Officer He Changqing, and the “Cha Cha” style of directing traffic was created by him as the “He Changqing Traffic Direction Method.”

Comments from Youku:


Striking a balance between work and play…
Enduring the big sun to coordinate traffic is pretty tough work…


Looking at the taxi car models and colors, and the public buses, it feels like it is Beijing! However, I cannot be very sure! Although…hahahahaha, too amusing! If it is Beijing, where was this filmed?


Talented! Talented! Heroic!
Hehe! Made me laugh so much!
It would be good if this set of coordinating motions were spread/popularized!
The music is also very appropriate! In the future they should have a stereo system at every intersection, and a police officer like this one!
Good! Good! Good!


It looks pretty normal when watching it on mute.
Such boring hype.


Looking for happiness in the middle of work, I support!!!


Support, the hand signs are all basically correct to me, just not that stiff. I support popularizing this throughout the entire country!


This video is real, because it was after seeing this report on Qilu Evening Report today that I went on the internet to search for it. The reporter already verfied, this police officer works in Beijing, and there indeed is this person, and he works in the first line. His kind of positive/optimistic work attitude is worth us learning from.


He did not waste taxpayer’s money, since he directed traffic and entertained the masses,
Be safe, everyone else do not imitate.


Made me think of the “Rush Hour 3″ beginning…


Support! Being able to find one’s own amusement at a dull post while still fulfilling one’s own work responsibilities is even more commendable.


I think this traffic police officer is very good, very humorous. Our China should also learn more from foreign police, right? Haha.


That day while staring at him, I almost crashed.
Good thing he wasn’t a 10 point pretty and sexy female traffic police officer, otherwise I would have crashed into a tree.


Very natural/at ease, while foreign traffic police officers do not dance the Cha Cha, at least they are not as serious like China’s. Being a little natural/at ease is no big deal.


Life needs a little humor, a nationality that cannot joke around is a sad one.


If we were to have this kind of police officer here, then waiting at the red light would no longer be boring!!!
This kind of police officer is too cute/adorable!!

Comments from QQ:


The world is a stage, and life is dancing, so dance, but do not dance too well, or else the people passing by will stop and watch and thus cause a traffic jam.


Putting people first, I like this kind of traffic police.


I support this traffic police officer, doing his work in a relaxed manner, also helping relax other people. No matter what, it is far better than meeting a traffic police officer with a bad mood, at at least it eases the antagonism between police and the people.


As long as he does not cause a traffic problem, he can direct traffic however he likes, support!!


Our society lacks vitality/passion, like the sky is filled with regulations and discipline, but controls the people inflexibly to the point that they no longer have vigor/vitality, and doing anything is too rigid. I support the dancing traffic direction!


This has the ability to both adjust drivers’ irritable moods and ease traffic, and is also a highlight/sight for the city, so with such a good traffic police officer, why would anyone not support him?! No matter what, he is far better than those people who do nothing but talk.


When you are working, you should look like you are working. This kind of person should lose his job.


Very cute/adorable, he will bring to people a little relaxation, but drivers also need to pay attention to their driving, haha!!!


If this is real, and this traffic police officer also did not because of this cause a traffic jam, I do not feel there is anything bad about it. After all, he did his work, and that is better than some people who occupy job positions but do not do anything!!! 50-years-old, and still having this kind of work enthusiasm, I admire him!!! How many people, because of working year in year out, have ground through decades, until the end they are exhausted. Yet he still has this kind of attitude, we should praise him instead of laughing at him, criticizing him!!! Ding ding ding!!

Have you ever seen a police officer do something like this Beijing man or like in Rush Hour 3?

Hunan Sculpture Of Mao Zedong’s Head Costs 300 Million – digg china


Reportedly a 300 million RMB head statue of Mao Zedong is being constructed in his home province of Hunan. This statue depict the early years of Mao as a young man in 1925. The total height of the statue is 32m, with a base height of 15m and the head height of 17m. Many netizens question the usefulness of building a huge statue when the money could be better spent elsewhere.




Comments On NetEase:




300 million? Isn’t it a little too much~


If Chairman Mao is still alive, he probably wouldn’t approve.


Haha, I’ll take a look, not going to comment, because I’m afraid of being pursued across state lines.


Can somebody tell me, what is the practical use of spending so much tax payer’s money building this kind of thing.


Spending huge sums constructing a statue, is it meaningful? Such a massive formalist project, at best it is to paint a good face for the officials, as to gain some so called “political achievements”. Instead invest [money] it toward the building of the national economy in order to do something practical for the common people! If there are really no projects then just build roads, I don’t believe the roads in Hunan are all modernized!


Today we are still building for his kind of person? The sorrow of humanity!


What is the point of making this…waste of money…


Support great man.




Support! Forever remember Chairman Mao’s thought.


Although we respect and love our founding father, but isn’t this a waste of money and people’s labor? Is it that some people once again pocketed the wealth for themselves! China always pursue things in vanity, I think even if our great leader knew about this matter, he will certainly be angry!


Classic case of the cult of personality..


I’m afraid of saying anything.


Everybody work hard, maybe many years from now, your head sculpture will also be like this.


Even America have sculptures of great persons, why can’t China have them? Sore mentality!


Comments on Mop:


So stupid, have so much excess money building a head sculpture, why not use it to aid the disaster areas.


Imitating the Sphinx?


Hairstyle look like Beethoven’s O(∩_∩)O haha~


Chairman Mao was after all a great man, what is the big deal about spending 300 million constructing a head sculpture, why his successors waste more than 3 billion every year. Where are their contribution? How much do they worth?


Hunan people are the highest grade of SB.


Motherfucker, have so much money why not build some houses for poor people to live instead.


300 million!? How much of it will be corrupted away~


Remembrance of Chairman Mao is good, but using money off the working people is not good.


I think it is worth it.