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Chinese migrant workers in Chaoyang watching outdoor movie.

Suqian Communist Party secretary Zhang Xinshi.

The author of the following text is the party secretary of the city of Suqian, Zhang Xinshi. The following translation is of the article on his blog on Sohu, from October 17th, 07:14. The original article probably first appeared on his government blog on October 11th.

Every morning in Suqian [city in Jiangsu province], the roads leading from the surrounding countryside to the city are filled with an army of motorcycles and bicycles carrying our migrant worker brothers rushing into the city to their work sites, where they have short-term and odd jobs building skyscrapers and factories. At dusk they return home like a tidal wave. At traffic intersections, I have had several brief conversations with them. Question: How much do you earn for a day’s hard work? Answer: 70-80RMB. What kind of work? Woodwork, which is not as much as bricklaying (currently, the skills for woodwork are low, it’s only hammering), which is 120-130RMB a day. The bosses on the construction sites often complain. Nowadays migrant workers are harder and harder to find. They can only be found if you pay them in cash each day!

This is change. I remember ten years ago, Suqian’s bricklayers daily wage went from 10-20 RMB to 70-80RMB, increasing step by step, the demand for them expanding every year. Last summer the most needed supply for our city was “commercial concrete” and “industrial steel”.

Suqian’s thriving investment demand drives demand for labour. The migrant workers unanimously agree that Suqian’s major construction have brought many opportunities for hard-earned money, hoping it can go on this way.

Currently, migrant workers’ salaries make up over 60% of their individual income. From January to September this year, the average disposable income of our city’s migrant workers have increased by 19%. The 200 million migrant workers of the country constitute the main body of China’s working class. They work in the factories and cities under the most bitter and tiring conditions. If a factory closes, they can, under such economic depression, only roll together their bedclothes and go home, without any unemployment benefits, without pension insurance, and maybe without any kind of compensation. We have seen in the reports on TV and in the press how in some developed regions the traditional textile, clothing, footwear and other small businesses grew bigger due to increased capital, but they had to suddenly close down due to sinking exports. Migrant workers would rather staye in the old, broken houses, eat “mantou” and pickled vegetables than go home. Those who are young and with some labour skills have the chance to find a new job, but those who are older and without any skills fall into dire straits.

Earlier, people planned to raise China’s manpower cost, to push forward the restructuring of the economy and the technical upgrading of the enterprises, and to raise the qualification and know-how of the labour force. However, the pressure of inflation and the recession of the world economy led to a shrinking production and also decreased employment opportunities. That is a problem we cannot avoid diligently taking measures to deal with. In developed countries, an unemployment rate of 5% is enough to cause political instability and economic system collapse. Maybe the unemployment rates of the migrant workers in China are hidden in the statistics, or even not recorded, but if they suddenly lose their income, go home but have no farm land (inherited from the previous generation) or do not know how to farm, their lives will encounter big problems. We can’t expect China’s labour force to suddenly increase their character/skills/abilities immensely, because the majority among them are first-generation workers, and a relatively large number of peasants with low educational level. They are only able to do crude and simple labour, but this kind of work still needs people to do, and the important thing is not to lose this kind of job opportunities.

Fortunately, thanks to the major economic development of Suqian, the demand for labour thrives, often evidenced by a shortage of supply. Let us imagine the day, where the roads entering and leaving Suqian city were missing the heavy morning and evening traffic. That would mean a large number of migrant worker brothers who could earn about a hundred RMB everyday have fallen into difficulty. Consumption will also fall, which will also affect production. The economy will certainly slide downwards. That is what we are not willing to see.

As a late-developing region, Suqian’s industrial economy must maintain rapid development, its real estate must steadily develop, its commerce must be promoted, and there cannot be wild fluctuations, all to create even more job opportunities. We the government are willing to give up part of the profits to maintain the necessary speed.

The following comments are taken from Sohu. Many comments were posted as anonymous “Sohu” users.

2008-10-17 09:51
You must have had a slip of the tongue. So the government has a lot of benefits [profit?],are you businessmen?

2008-10-17 11:42
These people are farting. When migrant workers move to the cities, the education problems of their children remain unsolved. The person talking about this problem was born by a pig.

2008-10-17 11:51
The government will give up the profits for the ordinary people? You still have face to say something so ludicrous, I guess blogger’s mother is a dog [as her Chinese zodiac]. I strongly despise these incapable of human speech beasts [incapable of speaking sensibly]! 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊 手势-逊

2008-10-17 11:59
Talking nonsense/crazy talk.

2008-10-17 12:58
Damn, nowadays where it is hard for a student to even find a job, and migrant workers can earn 70-80 a day? Where is this? There is such a good thing? There are 200 million migrant workers in the whole country, but how many people are in this place you mentioned [meaning, how many people are actually making 70-80 RMB a day]?

2008-10-17 14:04
I haven’t figured out what the LZ meant by government profits? What profits does the government want? They are not a commercial organisation? Why do they have profits???

2008-10-17 15:13
Why bother? He only wants to bullshit some political achievements. If I remember correctly, the writer is Suqian’s party secretary.

2008-10-17 15:37
吐 咒骂 流汗Even this kind of stupid talk he can say out loud. His skin really is too thick [originally, "facial skin" is too thick].

2008-10-17 18:00
He talked a bit about superficial things, but didn’t dare to talk about the nature of the problem. But again, for someone in his position to say anything at all can be regarded as not bad. “Jia you!”

2008-10-17 20:18
Isn’t the ZF the people’s ZF? Since my childhood that was what was written in the political books. If it is like this, how come “the government is willing to give up part of the profits”?

2008-10-17 22:06
The government has to cut ties with the real estate companies. Being a local official means first to secure every citizen’s basic needs (food, medical care, housing etc.). As the government you are not a businessman. Carry out your own responsibilities, that is your vocation.

2008-10-18 10:23
Maybe the blogger is defending the new subsidy policy for the rescue of the real-estate market!!! 难过 强

2008-10-18 10:39
Talking half the day and it is again about the rescue of the real-estate market, even though flying the flat for the migrant farmers. He doesn’t think: Can those migrant workers afford the houses they built with their own hands?

2008-10-18 10:55
It is not easy that someone speaks the truth, but he is still scolded? Those running a small shop or a company are allowed to make profits, but you won’t allow those running the government to have their own profits? Then you come run the government. Do you really believe that running the government is for only to serve the people without need of capital? 微笑

2008-10-18 11:40
Do not stand there and pretend to be good. The Chinese Communist Party can pretend the best, their words are sweeter to the ear than songs. If you really have a heart then show us the practical action you talked about, and only then will us ordinary people admire you. Just talking is useless. 流汗

2008-10-18 21:37
There are unemployed citizens everywhere in the city… Can’t you see them???

The comments on blog.suqian.gov.cn are mostly constructive and approving:

The situation described in the beginning of the text is very true, “At dusk they return home like a tidal wave”. Often early evening is the most likely period for traffic accidents. The responsible organs shall please increase traffic regulation and control at these times to safeguard the safe flow of the traffic!

Secretary Zhang’s good policies about commerce and real-estates easily reminds one of the collusion between business and bureaucracy. Commerce in general has to be adjusted by the market, human intervention will cause the opposite, especially the government which has had close ties to the entrepreneurs.

A party secretary who cares about the people.

New Rules For Nannies in Shaanxi Province – digg china

Tao Yanzi (陶燕子) in the TV drama "Nanny."

From Sina, “New Shaanxi Regulations Force Nannies to be Mistresses”:

No tight fitting clothes, no heavy make-up, no nail polish, no flirtatious glances or living together with guys. These are the new codes of conduct for nannies in Shaanxi Province.

The Home Services Association in Shaanxi Province also provided specific details for these rules:

  • Pay attention to hygiene and her appearance and wear proper jewelry;
  • Should not dress too casual or too tight;
  • Should not have long nails or polish them;
  • When talking to the client, she should look at them right in the eyes, should not cross her arms or have her hands in her pockets.
  • It is recommended that she speak in Mandarin and use proper language, should not curse or use obscene language.
  • Should not share a room with the opposite sex;
  • Should not have friends over for the night or stay out with no good reason.

The new codes of conduct also make it a rule that a nanny should not abuse their clients or gossip about them, should not try to borrow money from the client or ask for gifts . When leaving the house, they should voluntarily show clients her bag in order to show her respect.

Tao Yanzi (陶燕子) in the TV drama "Nanny."

Tao Yanzi (陶燕子) in the TV drama "Nanny."

Comments on Sina:

The new rules were probably made by the authorities’ wives, not themselves.

Why not just lock the guys’ underwear? That will be more effective.

Since when does the government get to decide what people can wear and what they can’t.

This is hilarious.

The problem of our government is that they are too bossy, which necessarily lead to an oversized government and then corruptions. Consequently, they will end up with nothing but a bunch of useless rules.  Sometimes the government can’t help but make rules, because their own powers are not well-regulated.

It’s easy for people to judge. Do you know it’s very common in Shaanxi that the nanny is also the mistress. These women from impoverished areas are willing to sell themselves just for a little money, which already causes a serious social problem. Chinese always stress on conscience instead of regulations. It’s time to make some changes. I hope this time the government of Shaanxi province can work out some practical and effective solutions.

Let’s not make it a big news. They’re only regulations. I don’t think most people regard nannies as future mistress.

People don’t need to be treated specially but equally.

No regulation can change a nanny’s pursuit for a better life. If she is good enough, why can’t she replace the wife? Assuming everyone is wise, we should let the husband choose. We can educate people to obey the law, but can’t tell them what is good for them and what is bad. After all, setting moral standards is not the government’s business.

It’s inevitable, we have a wide gap between the rich and the poor.

Seems like everyone has their own understanding of this news. I work in the service industry. To be honest, I’m glad they made these rules, because it’s also protecting the nanny. For example, no sharing the same room with  the opposite  sex can prevent most molesting issues.

Several middle-aged women walk past a nanny referral agency in Fuzhou City of Fujian Province.

Use chinaSMACK personals to find…nannies.

Little Girl Stands Outside Classroom Window Every Day – digg china

A 6-year-old girl listens to class outside the classroom window.

From Tianya, October 14th 2008:

Yesterday, someone reported that a pupil at the Binhe Road Primary School in Dengfeng City [in Henan province] has been standing outside the classroom to listen to lessons for over 20 days, suspecting that the teacher was punishing the student.

Yesterday afternoon at 2pm, a reporter rushed to Binhe Road Primary School. After hearing the class bell ring, the students entered the classroom one by one. However, under the classroom window for Class 1-3, a little girl carrying a backpack said goodbye to the schoolmates who talk to her. She grabbed the steel bar of the window with both hands and looked into the classroom uninterrupted. After reporter’s inquiry, the little girl is called Guo Xiaoxiao (name changed), from Wangzhuang Village nearby/of Dengfeng City, and 6-years-old this year. She used to attend class in this room but, for reasons unknown, she was kicked out of class. Not wanting to leave the school and still wanting to study, she could only stand under the window to listen to the lessons.

When Xiaoxiao’s father Guo Zhanchao arrived shortly later, seeing his daughter standing outside the window listening to class, he was unable to hold back his sobs. He told the reporter that he pedals three-wheel carts (carrying goods) for a living. Originally, he knew the Binhe Road School Headmaster Zhao. At the start of the school year, unable to find a school that would admit his child, he borrowed and gathered 500 RMB and gave it to Headmaster Zhao. Mr Zhao immediately agreed to admit Guo Xiaoxiao to the school, but later Mr Zhao delayed and delayed until the afternoon of September 10th when Mr Guo’s daughter was finally assigned to Class 1-3. But good things do not last; on September 18th, the daughter who had been attending school for only a few days said to her father while crying that the teacher would no longer let her into class, and that she could only stand outside the window to listen to lessons. Soon after, Guo Zhanchao went almost daily to the school to see the headmaster, but Headmaster Zhao only agreed to return the money and did not plan on arranging Guo Xiaoxiao to attend school.

Guo Zhanchao said with tears, “I suffered my whole life because I don’t have an education, and today can only depend on pedaling a three-wheel cart to raise my family with difficulty. I just want my daughter to learn some knowledge, so she can have a happy life later.”

Mr Zhao, headmaster of Binhe Road Primary School, commented on the incident saying that he is unfairly blamed. He said Guo Zhanchao and him knew each other from before, that he did indeed receive the 500 RMB money that Guo forcefully left in his office, but he later returned the money to Guo. Regarding letting Guo Xiaoxiao’s attend school, he can only feel sorry for their family’s situation, but could not arrange for her to attend school simply because they gave him a gift. Later, he could not do anything against the exclusion of Xiaoxiao. “That was handled in accordance to the relevant regulations of the Department of Education. She is the child of a peasant who migrated to the city for work, not a pupil of this area.”

Comments on Sina:

Everyone has their own duty. The duty of a farmer is to cultivate the fields, his daughter should research how to cultivate fields. Studying is for us city dwellers, hehe.

I cried…I can’t handle seeing little children, especially little girls, suffering the most… Seeing the girl stand by the window looking inside. it was unbearable.

Do you believe that I dare smash this kind of school?!

If you let one of her in today, tomorrow there might be 10 who come. City dwellers basically now all only have one child, but rural people all have 3 or 5. One husband and wife pair from the city occupies one seat in a classroom, but a rural husband and wife pair would occupy 3-5 seats in a classroom. I ask you, do you think this is fair and rational?

Old Mao utilised the farmers’ power to conquer everything under the sky [in this context: China]. He owes the farmers the most, because he separated people into different classes. This policy continues to this day without reform. [referring to the hukou system]

Do not carelessly be sympathetic. She should go to school in the place she is supposed to go to. School is not a homeless shelter.

Peasants, peasants. Pity the lowest class of people!

The child is worth our sympathy. But how come the countryside’s other children are not standing outside the windows to listen to class, is all because of their parents.

Do you have a method of contact? I will pay to let the child go to school!
TMD, what kind of society is this!!!!

Whether or not she can go to school is not the key, the key is why kick the little girl out after letting her go to school for a period of time? and then kick her out? There is some story inside here, was it because they gave too little money!!! Is anyone thinking the same thing?

I did not have to read the content, just looking at the pictures, my tears started running down. I ask the school headmaster and the teachers: Do you even see the girl standing outside the door?

Regardless in which city in China, migrant workers are always the lowest class, the most bullied people. There is [officially] no tuition fee nationwide, but I still have to pay 500-600 RMB a semester for my child to go to school in Puning City [in Jieyang, Guangdong province]. Migrant workers just suffer bullying. This kind of teacher should have been expelled from the teaching corps long ago. This little girl is so sad. Bastard teachers, if she were your child, how would you feel?

First figure out whether the local department of education really has this kind of regulation. If it really does, then find out whether there are schools admitting children of migrant workers. This society does not pity tears. Asking for help is not as good as helping yourself.

The only thing that is a bigger failure than the Chinese football [soccer] team is the Chinese education system. What is it that makes those who have received educations have such cold hearts?

Nobody said peasants are bad. Peasants can stay home and plant fields. Why do they want to come to the cities to be migrant workers? All she needs to do to go to school is go home, no one is stripping her of her right to an education. The reason she cannot go to school is entirely a result of her parents coming to work in the city for their own personal benefits.

Comments on Mop:

I always thought compulsory education was real…[I was] “very foolish, very naive“…

The people suffering the most in China are actually not the migrant workers,
but their children.
This damn system system of China’s…sigh, there is nothing left for me to say…

Beginning from when we are small, we have heard, seen, and been told that socialism is good. But after growing up, we have no idea where socialism is good!!

In China, the education system has never been fair and just, there is not much reason to be so angry.
Just live numbly in this country.
Talk about human rights are all lies.

Americans say we don’t have human rights. Do we still need to refute it?

People always say that the foreigners look down on us Chinese, but now even Chinese look down on their own people, so how can others respect us?

If it were me, standing outside like that while the other students were inside attending class, I do not know how I would feel. Such a little child, and letting her suffer how unfair this society is, it is too pitiful.

Comments on Tianya:

What were the parents thinking? Why did they bring her into this world, to let her suffer, and her young soul suffer mutilation.

Seeing the child’s longing, I can’t stop the tears from flowing down my face. What kind of society is this, that would let such little child suffer such unfairness and discrimination? Where is the “harmony?” [China's government repeatedly emphasizes a "harmonious" society for China.]

It reminds me of the phrase “Chinese and dogs are not allowed to enter!”

I don’t know whether I am qualified to talk about education here. I am not an expert, I am just a normal student at a no-name university, so my view on education may not be mature. It may even be extreme, so please don’t laugh at me, and if I am wrong, I hope everyone can be tolerant.

When we were in primary school, teacher told the students to keep their hands behind their back, their heads held high, and their chest out. We did a we were told and listened to the teacher. Not making mistakes was what makes a good child, so whatever the teacher said, that is what we did; whatever the teacher taught, that is what we learned. If our grades were not bad, and if we tested into a good junior high or a good high school, then we would be deeply grateful to the teacher. When I got to university, in the midst of different events and activities, I finally realised I did not know how to do anything, that I had to think on my own, and it was very difficult to have my own ideas. It was then that I realized that we have already lost our creativity. Who should be blamed? I think the teachers are innocent, and the blame lies on the whole society’s education system.

Look at our graduating students. All of them are the same, there is no personality. When I say personality is not about dressing fashionably or or behaving weird, but about the ways they think about problems, a type of attitude about life. Today’s students are all premature, their way of handling things appears to be smooth and mature. In reality, it is not, because these were all copied from others and not what they came to understand themselves. This can also be called education and learning with Chinese characteristics.

Everyone says China is a strong manufacturing country, but it is not strong country in research and development. I think it is definitely not a problem of technology, but to a great extent it is because our education methods have imprisoned our thinking, and restricted our development. What we students are most skilled at is not thinking but learning, learning other people’s methods. Normally when we are working, we wait for other people to teach, and then become like masters after we have learned. I think China will never become strong relying on these methods.

Maybe what I say is not all fair and sound, but the actual situation is basically like that. Someone said that one’s thinking determines one’s life, that is to say, whatever level of thinking you reach will determine what your life will be like. I really approve of this kind of of saying. Indeed, the type of education a person, a society, and a country receives will directly relate to that country’s rise and fall, success and failure.

Now that society has become like this, who should we blame? The people’s living standard has risen somewhat, but whose standard has risen the most? While we have gained something on the materialistic level, have we not also lost something at the same time? These things, who should we blame?

What would you do? Do you let this one girl go to this school or should the rules be followed because there are reasons for the rules? – Fauna

See also:

Liba Girl Owes 60,000 RMB Credit Card Debt – digg china

Asian girl with many expensive name brand bags.

From Liba (no longer accessible):

My current monthly income is only 2000. I have 7 credit cards, and now owe 60,000 yuan. I am repaying the least amount, every time only repaying interest. My head really hurts. Does anyone have any ideas, please help give me suggestions. What is the fastest way to repay my debt!!!

Replies on Liba:

Ask your boyfriend or parents to help.

Original Poster:
My parents do not know, and they could not help anyway. Right now, I do not have a boyfriend, so I have to depend on myself. I feel very tired, and a lot of stress/pressure…

My god, what did you buy? How do you owe so much money?

陶瓷c showing her Sly large coat and her closet.

My suggestion. If there is no one you can depend on, your only choice is to force yourself to save money. Every month you get your paycheck, first repay a set sum, then use the rest to live.
But the precondition is that you live with your parents, otherwise 2000 for one person will definitely not be enough [to survive on each month by yourself].

Original Poster:
I applied for the card in 2005 and normally when buying things I always use the card. My expenses and income are disproportionate, leading to the the present situation where I owe more and more. It is now already a bottomless pit.

Original Poster:
Yes, I live with my parents right now, but my income is only enough to repay interest. I want to find a another/part-time job, but I do not have much specialty. Must I find someone to rely on? I bet if they knew I owe so much on my credit card, all the guys will be scared away. My head hurts so much…

Ai! I now tell others if they do not need a credit card to not get one. Credit cards will only encourage spending.

Well-done! Continue.

Apply for more cards, withdraw money, and pay off the original card. Next month, flip it. Do not borrow at high interest, I think it is too dangerous. But, I recommend you be more frugal, and slowly repay [your debt]. Repaying slowly is still better than not repaying! Good luck!

This I have done before, it does not work. Getting another card will only increase the amount.

I bet every time the stores have discounts, “shopping,” all the MM will go. Every time I see crowds inside the stores, I marvel, how are there so many rich people? I bet there is a portion of them who first swipe their credit cards, then worry about how they can repay their credit cards.

陶瓷c in a Junk Food t-shirt and Abercrombie & Fitch with Louis Vuitton shoes.

Even if you do not eat/drink for one year, you will still need to repay over 3 years. You are doomed! Work hard. Work hard finding a good LG [lao gong, husband]!

1. At present, our individual credit rating system has not been completely established. If it was established, MM would definitely have been unable to get 7 credit cards! 2. Right now, banks’ evaluation system has problems, blindly issuing cards, to the point where even a person selling things on the sidewalk can apply for a gold card! 3. MM‘s self-control is too poor, each month making 2000 but still being able to spend 60,000! 4. I bet given MM’s parents’ situation, repaying 60,000 in debt will still be a lot of pressure, so I recommend you do not repay and wait for the bank to sue you. Losing the lawsuit, you can still use your inability to repay debts as a reason to not repay. The courts will not do much over this kind of small sum. At most they will restrict your high level of consumption! 5. MM needs to reflect [on yourself]!!!

MM’s spending is terrifying. If boys find out, they really will be scared away.

Beg your parents for help, otherwise you will never be able to repay [your debt].

LZ, only keep 1-2 cards, cancel the rest. Moreover, when you have nothing to do, do not go to the shopping section [of the BBS]. If there is no need, do not go look at store discounts/sales. If you have time, study or take a refresher course. Raising your income is the most important.

MM, you need to reflect.
Your own income is not high, your parents do not have the ability to help you, how could you spend so much money?
I originally thought spending all your paycheck each month was bad. I did not think there were really people who are “credit card slaves” [people who live on credit cards].
My husband and I are also of the 80s generation, so sad, every month we take 65% of our salaries to first repay our bank loans.

陶瓷c in Talula, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Anna Sui.

I do not think finding another job will do much.

MM’s monthly income is only 2000. Do you have any special skills? Finding a job is not easy right now.
Even if you become an unskilled laborer, waitress, jobs like these, you will not be able to pull together that much money within a short period of time.

I think the most practical method is…

Sell as much stuff as possible. For example, old jewelery, bags, shoes. Sell whatever you can sell.
Then ask your parents to borrow 20,000.
At least think of a way to repay half of it first…
The remainder you will have to depend on scrimping and saving, and slowly repaying.

But I will be honest with you: With MM’s [your] spending…trying to break the habit…is already a very difficult thing to do…

Try spending a few months buying things without using your credit card…I bet you cannot do it…

Because you have already developed a habit. 汗

You should go make this small little wish on KDS.

Yesterday, while watching TV,
I heard you can apply for bankruptcy in other countries.
I am not sure if you can do that in China.

摇头 I must read this several times, so I will always remember… [not to be like this girl]

Original Poster:
Actually, I did not really “bai” [buy] any luxurious/expensive “dong dong” [东东 = 东西 = things/stuff], nor do I have any good “dong dong” that I can sell. Owing this much “MONEY,” the bottom line is simply that I do not have control and do not know how to manage my finances. I know jobs are hard to find now, and just depending on my own strength has its limits. I really wish someone could help me now, my family does not have the means.

陶瓷c in Juicy Couture, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Ugg boots.

Comments on KDS:

downloading See if she has good looks. If she is not bad, maybe the rich people of the mountain [KDS is a "mountain] can help her a little.

This kind of thing is too common for LB girls. downloading

This is the character of LB girls. downloading

This is how the sub-prime mortgage crisis happened…

downloading Bandits, charge!

Is she selling? She can make some small money.

Why is this kind of trash still living? It would be better if she just slammed herself into a wall and died.

The evolution of a Liba girl into a whore~~~downloading

Liba girls who have to say this kind of stuff definitely do not look pretty. Otherwise, a little exercise, a little screaming, and they would get their money.

A stupid cunt~other than selling herself, is there any other way?

陶瓷c in Ksubi jeans, Sly coat, and Ugg shoes.

There is something wrong with the bank’s brain. Monthly income 2000 but giving her that much credit? Even if her cards take turns being used up, the card-issuing bank can still use the network system to find out.
The bank deserves to be yelled at more than LB girls.

I was thinking of replying to the topic to ask her if she wanted another job. After seeing that she was [born in] 1982, I was no longer interested… downloading

After seeing that topic, I realized everyone must diligently earn money and save money.
After a few years, when the economy is more bleak, everyone can slowly enjoy low-priced “desperation trades.” [like schoolgirls in Japan who sell their bodies for money] downloading

No boyfriend,
2000 monthly income,
Parents cannot help…
Appraisal: This woman is a “hard disk person.”
[hard disk = Western Digital = WD = WD person = WDR = wai di ren]

Keywords: 2k, 6w, Liba.

I bet this girl has already gotten innumerable PMs [private messages] on Liba already. downloading

60,000 kuai.
If 400 kuai per head…
She would have to do it 150 times.
One month, except for “that time,” can probably do about 20 times.
This way, she would need 7 months before she can pay off her debt.
If interest is taken into consideration, I estimate she has to do it for more than half a year. Pretty tough.

陶瓷c wearing Talula shirt, Ksubi jeans, and Ugg shoes.

Bandits, how about organizing a gang bang?

I will say something from my heart, I pretty much worship her…downloading

Every person 200, how about us bandits organize a group buy to rescue this poor LB girl? downloading

Let me calculate. If we do it like the Japanese style where it is a 1:500 [one girl, 500 men] challenge, from the first person 500 kuai, progressing down to the last person for 1 kuai, one time can bring in 501*250 = 125,250 kuai. Not bad. [I am not sure about this translation]

Pull her over to be KDS’s bandit mistress [like sex slave]. Each bandit will pay 10 kuai to help her repay her debt. downloading

Save money, spend money, save money, spend money…spend money, repay money, spend money, repay money…
I choose the first method of consumption.

downloading Just sell yourself.
365 days, each day 3 times,
1000×60 oh yeah downloading

There are stupid cunts replying and suggesting that she apply for even more credit cards and use them to pay each other off [use one card to pay off another card, then switch]. I do not know how these LB girls grew their brains. Do they really not know how to calculate that doing this will result in them owing more and more money? (must consider each card’s repayment costs, changes in interest rate, in the end, using cards to pay each other off will kill you, you repay more and more.) downloading
And women of this level/status still want to confiscate their men’s salary cards and manage his money for him? downloading

陶瓷c wearing Abercrombie & Fitch, Talula, Odd Molly, and Juicy Couture.

This kind of woman…she would die if asked to move a stool/chair.

Already inquired about price, 1000/night.

Bandits think 60,000 is too much?
You guys are too poor.
Shanghainese people.

Haha, a Beijing “hard disk” person [wai di ren] has come out and IB. He can give 60,000 to buy that one LB girl then go back to his hometown and tell everyone you’ve had an LB girl before. downloading

A stupid idiot, the quicker LB [Liba] girls die, the better.

Notify [America's] Congress~the source of the economic crisis has been found~ Liba girls uncontrolled credit card usage~inability to repay debt led to banks going bankrupt!!!

Very good, this kind of female is exactly what the AV [adult video] industry hopes for.

downloading Too well said, too bad this is not in Japan.

To tell the truth, other than selling yourself I do not know what else you can do!! Nowadays, getting money is the reason most girls go out and sell themselves!!

In the middle of chatting on MSN. [meaning he is negotiating with the girl, probably just joking]

The original Liba topic is no longer available. Some netizens have wondered if the girl wrote this post to make money, suggesting her story about “debt” is just one way to hide her true motive so it is not so direct. Her story may be true or it may just be a disguise. No one knows for sure.

陶瓷c showing off Abercrombie & Fitch, Juicy Couture, and Ugg boots.

Images: These images are from a Tianya fashion topic that is not related to this Liba topic or original poster.

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