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Los Angeles Auto Show Car models photos - photo-1 - Car Model Photos - Car Model Pictures


US Military’s “The Warrior Song”, Chinese Netizens Reactions – digg china

An American soldier.

From KDS:

This song is truly too impressive/awesome, the American military nakedly showing off

downloading Showing off one’s strength shouldn’t be like this, nakedly promoting killing. emoticon
The American military’s recruitment song “The Warrior Song“.

Troops are meant to invade.
All day talking about peace, peace your sister. emoticon

On YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

Comments from KDS:


Being a solider in America is one of the few jobs in the world where you can travel the entire world killing people for free.
And what more, it’s all legal. emoticon The precondition is that you are responsible for your own life, although most of the time it is you murdering others, because your equipment is so much better than the other side’s. emoticon


[A military, referring to China's military] that would rather destroy large amounts of expired ammunition than bear to give them to soldiers to practice with…
what use is this kind of military?
And yet [this military] still has the face to go escort [ships to protect them such as from pirates].
In the end, their task is always only to go pick up sailors that were released after being ransomed. emoticon


Watched it, very domineering/cocky [aggressive?]. emoticon


Americans like to kill people around the world. Very democratic, very human rights [a joke similar to this internet meme].


The purpose of an army is supposed to be killing people, discussing peace is the job of the politicians. It would be great the day our army can be this domineering/cocky, as long as it doesn’t oppress its own citizens.


Our military recruitment advertisements are very impressive/respectable too. emoticon

Chinese military formation: greeting the commander


I’ve heard this song’s melody in many films before, [but] the lyrics are always changing.
This RIP [I think he means "rap"] version is the most impressive one I’ve heard so far.

It’s almost to the level of the German SS’s “The Mass“.
This makes me feel like playing COD7 again. emoticonemoticon

Another version: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTg5ODM4MzUy.html


You guys [Americans] have The Warrior Song, we have The River Crab Song.

Comments from China.com:


Inspiring, this is exactly the kind of song soldiers should sing.


hahaha! Run into China’s People’s Liberation Army and you’ll be sorry!!! [sarcasm]emoticon


There is no politics in the song and only national interest, and yet it is extremely stirring!


America’s military cannot be compared with China’s soldiers! In terms of not fearing death, there isn’t a single country’s soldiers who can compare to China’s soldiers! This song definitely sounds like it was tailor-made for China’s soldiers!!! [sarcasm]


This is not a recruitment song, it’s just a popular song by a band/music group, a dark humor song. Which band/music group I don’t remember, but it is a few years old now~


Mighty American imperialism!!!!!!


We need to be more like American imperialism. I await conquering the world!


MGBD, Chinese just have to blow a little horn and this bunch of stupid cunts will be piss in their pants. [sarcasm]


Army songs should be like this, murderous/ferocious, much better than the army songs of certain countries that are all about their mommies.

The above commenter 六级士官 also posted these images:

America's Army: The Strength of the Nation - Restoring Balance

America's Army: The Strength of the Nation - Maintaining Our Combat Edge

America's Army: The Strength of the Nation - Adapting Our Institutions

America's Army: The Strength of the Nation - Modernizing The Force

America's Army: The Strength of the Nation - Building Resiliency

Now I live lean and I mean to inflict the grief… Personals @ chinaSMACK.

“Old Boy” Popular Chinese Short Film Makes Male Netizens Cry – digg china

Dancing like Michael Jackson.

From SouthCN & China Daily:

《老男孩》["Old Boy"] film becomes popular online, spurs passionate discussion about dreams

China News Service, Hefei, November 9th (Reporter: Cheng Zhanpeng) – an internet film that reflects upon one’s youth and dreams called 《老男孩》[Lao Nan Hai, "Old Boy"] has been rapidly spreading on the internet, moving people of all ages, with many people leaving shedding tears over their youth, commending it as a rare example of a fine domestically-produced piece of work. The film has also spurred passionate discussion amongst netizens about one’s dreams.

“Old Boy” tells about two ordinary men pursuing their dreams, using humorous scenes to make viewers think of their own dreams. They form a band to participate in the “Happy Boys” competition, because one song lets them return to their youth, return to the past. This touching “Old Boy” theme song at the same time moves the entire audience.

Netizen “红”, after watching, said to this reporter, “As time goes by, we can only use our memories to pay homage to our youth, and maybe that’s what makes this short film so moving. Memories of our youth gradually drift away during our daily lives, as people must toil for the basic necessities of life. Occasionally flipping open the memory book, I believe every person more or less will sigh and feel regrets.

There are also netizens who have expressed that everyone’s [lives] are difficult, that reality has the ability to make you lower your high-spirited head, make the little dreams in your heart run aground, and make daily necessities into your “big dream”. However, when youth has already withered, as long as you are alive, your dreams still have an opportunity to sprout [be realized]. When no one wishes you luck, you yourself can also cheer yourself on.

Since it went online, “Old Boy” has already been viewed over 7.1 million times. On the mainland’s famous movie review website Douban, this film’s rather has reached 9.1. Well-known screenwriter Ning Caishen has praised it as “a song dedicated to the post-70s generation.”

This film may be a little difficult for to understand if you have very different life experiences but many Chinese men have said this film made them cry. The English subtitles have many mistakes but it should still be understandable. At this time (of translating), the film has been viewed nearly 41 million times on Youku:

On YouTube (it is split into multiple parts):

Can’t see the above video?

As you can see from the Chevrolet advertisements, this is part of the same Youku and Chevrolet series of videos that included “Ms. Puff’s Goldfish Bowl“.

Comments from KDS:


I think the Billie Jean song in [the film] was really good. emoticons


Definitely tear gas.


Only limited to post-80s generation men.
Women are 99% immune.


Women are 100% immune, unless they were that school beauty.


Will resonate with all of the losers/failures in life.
I didn’t have the least bit feeling after watching it, even in the end, I only wanted to laugh. emoticons


So many post-80s generation memories appeared in this [movie].


[The film's] method of expression/portrayal is deserving of acknowledgment
Seeing the part where the news of MJ’s death was being broadcast, I definitely felt very sad.
However, with regards to the sympathy towards “Losers” projected in the film,
I cannot agree with it. Although every person cannot choose their background,
one is still the only person responsible for one’s own happiness and improvement in life.
This no one can escape. Avoiding/evading or putting one’s hopes on other people or other things to
change one’s life is something that cannot possibly succeed.
且一个人,一个男人,拥有一颗强大的内心才是他最大的财富”>In fact, for an individual, for a man, his greatest wealth is actually to have a strong/brave heart.

King of Pop Michael Jackson: The Time Has Come


emoticonsA very good film, capable of evoking memories for an entire generation!


Actually, I feel like this film is really just an extremely long MV [music video]…the story at the beginning is just a lead up to the theme/main song, though the song is pretty good.emoticonsemoticons


What is moving is not the film itself, but rather the memories of us post-80s generation members. Those who wee not moved probably had childhoods like this guy, and have nothing to remember.

Nothing to remember.


emoticons The song at the end really added a lot of points [made the film better]. The stuff before it, honestly, was a little dull. More or less everyone has some dreams from their youth that they did not achieve, and films like this can very easily make people remember those things, so it is particularly sad/moving.

But to tell the truth, how many people are able to continue chasing their old dreams? In the end, isn’t it all abandoned? For those who truly continue pursuing their dreams, their dreams will eventually be achieved.

So dreams are even more powerful than drugs. At most, drugs will only kill you, but dreams can be a life worse than death.


Floats/flutters by without a single feeling…


I too didn’t feel there was anything particularly moving [about the film]…apart from the props and the music making me reminisce a little, the film’s entire style was too bangzi.


When the song at the end began, I can’t explain it but I started crying.
Maybe a lot of TF believe the film only relates the youth and memories of men, but women were young once too.
The youth of the post-80s generation has already been lost, and now all that is left in the lives of the post-80s generation is cruel reality.


Yeah, I just finished watching it today, and my tears brimmed at the edge of my eyes, with the only reason I didn’t break down was because I kept telling myself that I am a man, a 30-year-old man, and I cannot allow my dreams to truly become tears and thus lost~~


The tears are one’s own youth, one that is gone forever.

A really ugly character from "Lao Nan Hai".

"Lao Nan Hai", a Chinese short film about realizing the dreams of their youth.

“Take it darling!” Personals @ chinaSMACK.

6-Month Baby Sheds Tears Listening To Faye Wong's "Legend" - digg china

Chinese baby cries while listening to Faye Wong's "Legend".

This video has been shared many times on Chinese social network Ren Ren, QQ, Sina Weibo. This copy on Youku, has over 1.1 million views.

From Youku:

6-month-old baby quietly sheds tears while listening to Faye Wong’s 《传奇》 ["Legend"]

[The song] was played a total of 3 times, with this recording being of the last time. When you watch it, be sure to turn up the sound, and watch it to the end.

On YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

Here are the lyrics to the song with English translations from KuPig:

王菲- 传奇
Faye Wong – Legend

Just because the one more glance I took of you in the crowd

I haven’t since been able to forget your face

Wishing for another chance encounter someday

From then on I began to think about you alone

When I’m thinking about you, you are far far away

When I’m thinking about you, you are before my eyes

When I’m thinking about you, you are in my heart

When I’m thinking about you, you are in my mind

I’d rather believe that we had a past life promise

And this life our love story will not change

I’d rather spend my whole life waiting for you to realize

That I’ve been always by your side and never away

Comments from Liba:


Are you sure she isn’t just scared?


Was there someone teasing him before? When my baby was small, he was the same way. As long as an adult pretended to cry, he would then really cry!


More like who is on the side cutting onions?


Could he be thinking of a lover from a past life? 汗


I believe in past lives. Don’t they say that babies remember things from their past lives, just that they don’t know how to express themselves. Some children even have a “third eye”/”heavenly eye”, though it closes as they get older.


Her eyes have an expression. It isn’t the kind where you have tears from keeping your eyes open for too long.

I have never seen a hungry, needs changing, or whose eyes are irritated and is uncomfortable baby shed tears without making a sound.

I believe in past lives. But a 6 month old baby being able to understand such a complicated lyrics would be too odd.


I think this baby really did understand, her expression changed on a higher level, not like how your average baby cries…


It does look like there is some something [of deeper significance] in the little child’s eyes…
Such a small child wouldn’t be so quiet/silent when they cry, they normally cry loudly.


Not yet an adult, maybe [she] has memories from a past life.


It is mysterious/mystical. Especially when she cries at the chorus. Before the second chorus, it looked like she had calmed down, but when it got to the chorus, she was overwhelmed again. I wonder what lyric touched her emotions.


Watching this even I want to cry…

[And yet] the parent bears to let her listen for so long…

If it were me, I would’ve turned it off long ago….

-v- -v- -v- -v-


I believe in reincarnation, and the little baby probably understood [the song].

Here is an English remake of Faye Wong’s song by Michael Learns To Rock (MLTR) called “Fairy Tale”:

Michael Learns To Rock.

On YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

Go find lovers from your past life. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

Tencent Stops QQ Service For Any Computer With 360 Installed – digg china

360 PK QQ

From NetEase:

Tencent forces users to choose between the two: Those who have 360 installed can’t use QQ

November 3rd night news, regarding the dispute between 360 and QQ, Tencent issued a public announcement today, stating that until the dispute between the two sides is resilved, Tencent will not allow its QQ [instant messaging program] to run on any computer with 360 installed on it. Industry insiders believe that Tencent is forcing users to choose between the two with this move.

Beginning from the end of September, a dispute broke out between China’s two largest client software companies Tencent and 360 that continues to this day, with the trigger having been 360′s privacy protection software claiming that QQ is suspected of scanning the private documents of netizen’s computers, which Tencent flatly denied; The most recent clash between the two sides has been 360 releasing a way to get rid of QQ advertisements, turn off QQ Xiu, and QQ members’ “Koukou Bodyguard”, with Tencent then suing 360 on grounds of unfair competition.

Comments from NetEase:


After using TX [Tencent] for so many years, this time, you [腾讯, teng xun, Tencent] have really disappointed brother [referring to self]. Laughingly awaiting the Heavenly Kingdom‘s final decision/judgment.


Tencent’s hooligan face [behavior] is truly disgusting.
You have a fight with 360, but what right do you have to force it upon the users? What right do you have to make decisions for users?


Ever since I installed 360, my computer has been perfectly fine…I support 360. Tencent, you want try forcing people into a corner, you can go to hell.


It has finally escalated. As someone who uses both company’s software, the pressure is really huge…
You dare to threaten brother [referring to self], brother will just go to MSN.


Tencent’s brother is Li Gang.


Tencent is truly TMD low.


TX is really disappointing~~ So many people supporting you, and yet this is how you repay them?


I have already go 315 [China's Consumer Protection Bureau] to lodge a complaint against Tencent, for stopping service without user’s permission! Members, red, yellow, blue, diamond, etc. [membership levels] have all paid money! On one side, Tencent makes itself sound like it is the embodiment of justice, but on the other side it does illegal things… In this river crab society, [Tencent CEO] Ma Huateng’s father is Li Gang! Go to hell!!


TX, how do you know I am using 360??????? You just proved that you are scanning my computer. At first, I didn’t believe what 360 said about you invading users’ privacy. Now I believe them. Talk about lifting up a rock to smash your own foot! Idiots!

Tencent's letter to QQ users on why they are stopping service to computers with 360 installed on them.

From Tianya:

360 versus Tencent, who will you guys end up choosing?

Below is the full text to Tencent’s “letter to the vast number of QQ users”:

Dear QQ User:

When you see this letter, we have just made an exceptionally difficult decision. Until 360 stops its infringements and malicious defamation against QQ, we have decided to stop the operation of QQ software on computers installed with 360 software. We know deeply this will cause an definite inconvenience for you, and we sincerely apologize to you. At the same time, we have written below the reasons for this decision, and hope we can have your understanding and support.

1. To protect your QQ account’s security

Recently, 360 has forcefully promoted and even coerced users to install the illegal hack “Koukou Bodyguard”. This software hijacked QQ’s security module, causing QQ to lose related functions. In a 360 software operating environment, We are unable to guarantee your QQ account’s security.

2. Saying “no” to immoral behavior

360 time and time again has manufactured “QQ infringes upon users’ privacy” hearsay/rumors, engaging in malicious slander of QQ’s security features. The truth is that QQ’s security module absolutely does not engage in scanning or monitoring users’ private data, much less uploading/transmitting users’ data. At present, we have already provided our QQ security module’s code to a third party for review, to prove our innocence.

Worse, as an internet security company, 360 actually has released hacking software, openly standing on the opposite side of “security”, engaging in the hijacking and control of other companies’ software. This is all immoral behavior.

3. Resisting illegal behavior

Any business behavior, no matter for what purpose, must all be carried out within the framework of the country’s legal regulations. However, 360 actually uses something illegal like a “hack” to undermine Tencent’s normal service.

360 has already hijacked and undermined QQ on the desktops of users’ computers. We could have chosen to use technological methods to fight them, but after repeated consideration, we ultimately decided that we cannot let your computer desktop become a “battleground”, and have instead given you the right to choose your software.

Over the past 12 years, QQ has been fortunate to have grown with you; As for the future, we look forward to continuing to be part of your life!

Tencent Co.

2010 November 3

A poll on Tianya:

Tianya poll as of 2010 October 4 ~2:10am

Question: You can’t use QQ because your computer has 360 installed, you will:

1. Uninstall QQ.
2. Uninstall 360.
3. Observe, actually, brother [referring to self] doesn’t use either of them.

A poll on Mop:

Mop poll as of 2010 October 4 ~2:20am.

Question: QQ attacks, says computers installed with 360 cannot run QQ software! Who do you support?

1. Support QQ, after so many years, there is a bond.
2. Support 360, TX’s copying is too shameless.
3. Observe, none of my fucking business, old me uses MSN.

A poll from NetEase:

NetEase poll 2010 October 4 ~2:40am

Question: Tencent forces users to choose between the two, who will you uninstall?


From NetEase:

Tencent has announced its conditions for reconciliation/settlement: 360 must uninstall/remove Privacy Protector

Below is the full text of Tencent’s statement:

We call for 460 to make a clean break with its past, and commit to giving users an environment to use QQ and other legal software safely/securely and without interference.

To obtain comprehensive security for QQ users, Tencent requires 360 to do the following three things before Tencent will stop its self-protective measures:

1. 360 must uninstall on all of its software clients Koukou Bodyguard and the malicious Tencent-slandering Privacy Protector;

2. 360 must immediately stop intercepting/interfering with Tencent and other legal software programs/processes, and publicly commit to no longer interfering with Tencent programs, publicly commit to no longer release any software that attacks Tencent products, and publicly commit to no longer misappropriate any QQ user’s information;

3. 360 publicly apologizes to Tencent, and compensates for its losses.

Comments from Mop:


Bastard Tencent!
Will 360 be able to endure this?


Motherfuckers! QQ go to hell! The shanzhai king~! [referring to Tencent often copying others' programs/innovations]


Can’t have your cake and eat it too. The government isn’t doing anything [about this] either.


Shameless QQ.
If 360 releases a communication tool like QQ…I’m willing to throw away QQ
and side with 360. emoticon


NND, have you guys had enough? If 360 releases chat software, no one needs Tencent anymore, fuck, disgusting.


Absurd, a software company is now able to hoodwink the public. I won’t talk about the ordinary free user, but I’m thinking: How is Tencent treating the rights and interests of those users who have paid?


Switch to MSN, ding [support] 360 to the end…


Two rabid dogs biting each other are finally opening their mouths towards their master…


Who do you support? 360 or Tencent?

View Results

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