Peng Shuai Wins Tennis Gold, Arrogant Mother Slaps Security – digg china

Chinese female tennis player Peng Shuai wins gold at the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou.

In mid-October, a young man driving a Volkswagen hit two girls at a Hebei University while taking his girlfriend home. The girls flew in the air and landed on the car’s windshield. Instead of stopping, he continued to drive away. On his way out, security guards and students managed to stop him from leaving the school. Confronted by the crowd, he dared them to sue him, saying “my dad is Li Gang”, a public security bureau deputy director for the Beishi district of Baoding city in Hebei province. One of the girls died and police reports that the young man, Li Qiming, was drunk. His arrogance made Chinese netizens furious and “my dad is Li Gang” soon became an internet meme.

From Mop:

Following Li Gang Gate: My daughter is Peng Shuai

On the 23rd, Chinese golden flower Peng Shuai overcame her opponent to win the Women’s Tennis Singles gold medal. However, while Peng Shuai was on the court achieving this, her mother was revealed by a volunteer to be off court making a scene.

The situation at the time was like this: While passing through the security inspection, Peng Shuai’s mother Zhang Bing was carrying a camera she did not know how to use (during the security inspection, those carrying cameras must take a photo facing the ground; this process Tian Ma [a photographer] has personally experienced before at the Asian Games), so the security inspectors [who are volunteers] became suspicious, and when a security inspector helping her turn on her camera took off the lens cap and threw it on the table, Zhang Bing slapped this security inspector. She also said, “so what if I hit you, my daughter is Peng Shuai”. The photos show: Left image is a photo provided by a netizen of the scene (at the time wasn’t sure if it was Peng’s mother or not), right image is a photograph of Peng Shuai’s mother Zhang Bing at Changsha being interviewed by a reporter that was found through human flesh search. Conclusion: The person making a scene was without a doubt Peng Shuai’s mother.

Zhang Bing, mother of Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai, comparison photo. Left shows her in an argument with Asian Games security personnel.

Amidst netizen discussions, I’ve seen many [2010 Guangzhou Asian Games event] volunteers post comments condemning Peng Shuai’s mother, with one netizen saying: “Setting aside how the armed police [security inspectors] treated your camera lens cap, raising your hand to hurt someone shows what kind of character you have. Such a heavy slap, the sound and swiftness I remember clearly. If you really are Peng Shuai’s mother, then she must be proud to have such a just and fair mother to help her raise her profile and name-recognition in society.”

However, in other places, complaints about the low/poor characters of the volunteers also frequently appeared, for example: “Given the constant conflicts/problems between the event volunteers and the media since the beginning of the event, some volunteers have already tarnished the very word ‘volunteer’.”

With regards to the matter of Peng Shuai’s mother, at present there has not been any official confirmation, and more information is required about the particular details. Separately, Chinese tennis athlete Peng Shuai’s mother Zhang Bing carried the torch during the Hunan Xiangtan leg of the 2008 Olympic torch relay.

China's Peng Shuai wins gold in the 16th Asiad for womens' singles tennis.

Comments from Mop:


Looking forward to follow-up reports…


We are already immune [to this kind of news]…thanks to Li Gang.


If it were me, I would just slap her back, my son is Li Gang!


This woman, this character,
You can easily tell she has never gotten an education!
Such low character!


What I want to say is…

her daughter brings glory to the country, while she is piling on shame for the country!


It’s not like her daughter is that famous. This kind of behavior from her is truly unbearable. So what if your daughter is famous, it doesn’t mean you yourself are some great person. A face of ugliness~~~


Where some people get their superiority complex is just this ridiculous.


Sigh. Chinese society is just like this. Even if one doesn’t have any ability [status, power, importance], as long as one’s family member has ability, then one must be a more arrogant.


This is the Heavenly Kingdom, it is very normal.


Zhuang B, [she's] just a lousy Asian Games champion, who fucking cares. Good thing it was the armed police, who have discipline and self-control. If it were an ordinary person, they would’ve fucking knocked this cunt onto the ground. That’s why they say our education makes people into dogs.

While I’m at it, let me say something about the issue of character. First, not all volunteers volunteered, there are volunteers who were volunteered. Don’t examine others from the perspective of a god/saint, that will only make others despise you.


I like to ding these kind of posts the most.

Chinese womens' tennis player Peng Shuai wins gold at the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games.

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North Korean Artillery Attack, Chinese Netizen Reactions – digg china

Smoke rising over Yeonpyeong island in South Korea after being hit by North Korean artillery rounds.

From Mop:

[The following are a collection of netizen comments selected by the original poster and included in the original post, without the netizens' names.]


China should temporarily reduce Diaoyu Islands activity to stop America from using South Korean to provoke North Korea and using Japan to contain China! China should concentrate its efforts, help North Korea, and when the time comes, help North Korea conquer South Korea in one stroke, realizing North and South [Korean] unification!


In this age of peace, it is still better to calmly negotiate, because in wars, those who suffer the most harm are the ordinary common people, while those who gain are only those politicians who stick their hands into the political whirlpool. If a politician really cares about the suffering of the common people, then please don’t adopt a war-like posture, as this kind of behavior will only increase the people’s resentment towards the rulers/government. Valuing one’s own people is the most important task for strengthening one’s political position! I am Chao Yongjun.


China and North Korea are switching from defense to offense. In the first half of the Cheonan Incident, the MD bangzi pissed off the two [China and North Korea]. In the middle, because of the Diaoyu Islands incident and the G20 Summit, everyone took a break. Now we’re entering the second half of the Cheonan Incident, so keep an eye on China and North Korea’s actions.


North Korea is simply niu, this is exactly what power from the barrel of a gun is, and China too should do this to little Japan a few times too.

[#5 was a repeat of #1]


Holding Americans’ thigh dreaming about a reunification, such a ridiculous South Korea.


Whoa, this is getting serious, how can they be playing with fire? And it [the news] is real too. The world is not stable now, it’s dangerous.


Kim II has that little assets and he’s going to go to war with South Korea?
His military doesn’t even have enough to eat.
I suspect that Kim II is just making a fuss, creating a little hostile/nervous atmosphere, making everyone’s economy slide a little.

[I] really suspect that Kim III, this guy is in Hong Kong taking short positions [on stock].

Kim III is in Hong Kong shorting stock,
his father fires some cannons,
father and son work together and get rich.


North Korea: Ballistic missile models include “Scud” (range 300 km), “Laodong-1″ [Chinese transliteration, not sure what is the normal English name] (550-600 km) ballistic missile, as well as a few “Nodong-1″ and “Nodong-2″ missles (range about 1300 km), “Taepodong-1″ (range 1500 to 2200 km) and “Taepodong-2″ (range 3750 to 6000 km) ballistic missiles.
Korea: 1978 American-made “Nike” large ground to air missiles serve as foundation, successfully developed two kinds of ground to ground ballistic missiles. 1997 America provides South Korean with 111 Block 1 type ground ballistic missiles, range of 165 km. Later, [America] again provides 110 Block IA M39 style missiles, range reaching 300 km, able to reach the Chinese interior from the 38th parallel.


Either there is a serious problem within North Korea [government] or Little Kim’s health is bad, and he is passing power [to his son].
Recently, from the shots fired at the 38th parallel killing South Korean soldiers, to the nuclear sites, and then to the artillery attack, there has been constant escalation, although [I think] it is to get international attention, to create a tense situation. Getting international attention allows it to negotiate prices [get concessions?]; creating tense situations can allow it to shift attention from internal conflicts/problems.
North Korea is indeed a strategic burden for China.


Ultimately, with the help of the People’s Liberation Army led by the great Chinese Communist Party, in the interest of world peace, for the stability and unity of the entire world’s people, from the principle of keeping in mind the interests of the entire universe’s people, it will ultimately be proven through investigation that it was a few North Korean temporary workers who were in the wrong place and at the wrong time firing the wrong cannons and trust the North Korean go-vern-ment will fairly and severely punish these temporary worker scum—-the Korean Peninsula is harmonious, the world is harmonious.

[In China, a lot of accidents and mistakes are often blamed on "temporary workers" so the company or organization itself escapes blame.]


Bastard North Korea, can’t you just stop and be good for a while? You obviously can’t defeat your schoolmate [South Korea] yet today you take a stick and poke your schoolmate, and tomorrow you’ll use your foot to kick to provoke [South Korea]. Bastard North Korea, trying to get other people’s attention, don’t drag in your dad and mom China into it. Every time you are outside bullying your little schoolmates around you, your dad and mom needs to go against its conscience to defend you. Every time you finish taking a shit [cause trouble], it is always China that has to help wipe your ass [clean up the situation]. Don’t you think you’ve caused enough trouble for China? Bastard North Korea.


I think it is the incited by the west [I don't think this means "the West" but I am not sure who it is referring to]. The west needs to develop dialogue with America more than the north. The north takes the west’s food, comes out and fires a few cannons, then says let’s have Six Party Talks. In the end, the west and America achieve another bunch of “trade” agreements. The West’s pressure is gone, and the rabble continue enjoying inflation expectations.


Little Kim obviously has nothing to lose.
If American dares to bomb North Korea,
North Korea will flatten Seoul.
Seoul is not 60 km away from the 38th parallel.
Little Kim is vicious/daring enough.
At worst, just go into the mountains and fight a guerrilla war.
He has the courage of [don't know who/what 太俎 is].
I approve/comment!


I think in the current situation of the Kim family completely siding/aligning with China, this instance of the northern bangzi artillery attack must’ve been been done with China being previously notified, and it is even possible that it was with China’s encouragement, the benefits being:

1. After America’s 600 billion quantitative easing, international hot money is eying China. If war happens on the Korean Peninsula, this hot money will think twice about entering China.

2. Domestic inflation has recently been out of control, so the go-vern-ment purposely slowing down the economy, lowering prices, especially the prices of international raw materials/commodities like oil, soybeans, and copper, which are 3 commodities that China relies mainly on imports, and are the three main sources of imported inflation. So if North Korea starts a war, the US Dollar must appreciate significantly, and these 3 commodities will necessarily drop in price significantly, contributing to a drop in prices across the board domestically [in China].

3. China’s current industrial rise has already reached a critical point. At the top, its direct competitors are Japan, Korea, and Europe. Through a North Korean war, it will throw Korea into chaos, disrupt Japan, and massively help the rise and global competitiveness of China’s domestic electronics, microchip, IT, automotive, and shipbuilding industries.
In short, as long as China does not directly deploy troops [get militarily involved], the benefits/advantages are many, and no matter how hot the flames of war burn, it will still first destroy Korea, and then destroy Japan, taking out these two forever wild wolves [no matter how well you treat it, it will never remember your kindness and be dangerous to you].

Firefighters clean up after North Korean artillery hits a South Korean island.

From KDS:

South and North Korea war breaks out!!!!!!!!!!

One of South Korea’s islands have been shelled by North Korean artillery, buildings were damaged, South Korea has fire back.

Will a full-on war happen?

Comments from KDS:


It has been many years since they’ve fought, it’s definitely time for a competition [for them to test each other]. emoticon


Good, let Fatty Kim and North Korea be wiped from the globe. emoticon


A full-on war is impossible. From the [South] Korean point of view, without America’s permission, they will not attack on their own; Even if it is a counterattack, the scale is also very limited. From the North Korean point of view, the probability of proactive provocation must be big, but they will not overestimate their abilities and be reckless, at most small-scale.


Starting a war during the Asian Games? Truly not giving the Heavenly Kingdom face. emoticonFatty III’s [Kim Jong-un] sure has some balls [sure is brave/daring].


The Heavenly Kingdom must not help Fatty Kim, with this kind of rogue state, you never know when they’re going to turn around and bite you too.


Even though it is again North Korean who is causing trouble first, it feels like it is America that really needs this kind of war.


MMD, The Gulf of Aden aliens are about to attack us, and we’re still having internal conflicts [among humans]. emoticonemoticonemoticon


All America lacks is a fire-starting opportunity [a trigger]. If they don’t deal with TG [the government], after a few more years, they won’t even be able to repay the interest on their national debt, so Fatty Kim doing this is detestable, clearly intent on dragging us under the water.


Does South Korea dare? Seoul is completely within North Korea’s artillery range. Without China’s approval, would America dare intervene?


As long as North Korea does not deploy ground forces and invade, South Korea would not dare start a full-scale war. What they’re afraid of are the tens of thousands of artillery aimed at Seoul, so if fighting breaks out, one attack, and South Korea is demolished, no suspense at all. The United States also doesn’t have the guts right now. Wait until they have finished their business in Iraq and Afghanistan and then see. Of course, they also have to see what China thinks, and consider the cost to South Korea.

A South Korean man walks around destroyed houses one day after North Korea's artillery attack on Yeonpyeong Island, South Korea, Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2010.  Rescuers found the burned bodies Wednesday of two islanders killed in the attack _ the first civilian deaths from a skirmish that marked a dramatic escalation of tensions between the rival Koreas.  (AP Photo/Yonhap, Park Ji-ho)  KOREA OUT

Some more translated Chinese reactions (only 3 are Chinese netizens) from China Real Time Report.

A South Korean man carries a shovel in the rubble of a building destroyed by North Korean artillery shells.

Little Fatty Kim. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

North Korean Anchorwoman Ri Chun Hee Becomes Famous – digg china

North Korean anchorwoman Ri Chun Hee.

Recently, Chinese netizens have been greatly amused by North Korea’s famous news anchorwoman Ri Chun Hee…

From NetEase & Tiexue:

North Korean anchorwoman’s sonorous broadcasts become famous

On the 23rd, an exchange of fire occurred between South Korean and North Korea near their borders, attracting the attention of the entire world. After the exchange of fire, North Korean television stated that its territorial waters have been violated and that it will fight back, and North Korea’s “The People’s Announcer/Broadcaster” Ri Chun Hee’s sonorous voice one again shook the world. North Korea provides “special treatment” for its news anchorwoman.

The post title on Tiexue was: “North Korea’s anchorwoman becomes famous: Her voice is even more powerful than cannons!

The joke is that her voice is so frightening that it can scare North Korea’s enemies.

Here is another news report featuring Ri Chun Hee where she is like a mother full of anger criticizing her son when talking about South Korea but completely changes when talking about the North Korean leader Kim Jong-il.

Some more English information about Ri Chun Hee from PRI’s The World:

JASON STROTHER: There's a familiar face that greets North Koreans when they tune in to watch the news. An older woman, dressed in a traditional pink gown, bows to the camera before speaking.

RI CHUN HEE: [speaking Korean]

STROTHER: That's Ri Chun Hee. She appears at the top of every newscast. Her beat is the Dear Leader Kim Jong Il. She reports every public appearance Kim makes, and recites the praises he's said to receive from abroad. According to a profile in a North Korean magazine, Ri was born in 1943. She's worked as a reporter for nearly 40 years. Analysts say landing a news anchor job in North Korea isn't easy. You have to demonstrate ideological credentials and come from a trustworthy family just to get into journalism school.

BRIAN MYERS: Ri Chun Hee is an exception, in that she didn't go through the usual journalistic background, but instead, she kind of majored in drama.

STROTHER: Brian Myers analyzes North Korean propaganda at Dongseo University in Busan.

MYERS: That kind of background has stood her in good stead, I suppose because she has a very dramatic style of delivery.

STROTHER: Myers says there's a lot of showmanship that goes into North Korean broadcasting. He says news anchors use four distinct tones depending on what they're talking about. For instance, there's the lofty, wavering voice, used when praising the nation's leadership. That's Ri Chun Hee's forte.

RI CHUN HEE: [speaking Korean]

STROTHER: There's a staccato explanatory tone used for the weather. And then a more natural voice for uncontroversial news stories. But the one that's perhaps best known outside of North Korea is what Myers calls the invective tone.

MYERS: It's a hate filled voice. It kind of reminds me of what George Orwell was talking about in "1984," when he talked about the two-minute hate. It's a voice just laden with scorn and hatred; I'm not going to try to imitate it."

North Korean anchorwoman Ri Chun Hee.

Comments from Tiexue:


Hearing her voice, it feels like she has gone crazy… does she take some drugs every time she records???


The big auntie is pissed…but her wording is very powerful.


Speaking passionately against the enemy, what’s wrong with that? Is she supposed to be like Xiao Shengyang and sound like a sissy?


Encountering this kind of thing, the word we hear most from our announcers/broadcasters/anchors is “protest”.

[Some Chinese netizens feel that the Chinese government never does anything, only protests.]


One word: Impressive.


Her eyes are always fixed on the notes/script, never once lifting her eyes…this kind of broadcaster interviewing in China would be instantly hired.


Brother Chun is powerful, Aunty Ri is powerful.


North Korea’s announcers always say, if the American Imperialists do this or that, North Korea will execute a powerful military attack…

China’s announcers always say [China] expresses regret and expresses protest.


China needs this kind of bold person too! I hope China’s news can have less regret, apology, protest and similar bullshit!


I’ve heard her broadcast for a military parade, my God, all of us guys fainted.

This is the broadcast the above netizen is talking about:

North Korean anchorwoman Ri Chun Hee.>

North Korean anchorwoman Ri Chun Hee.

Angry aunties. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

Guizhou Students Protest Inflation, Attack School Cafeteria – digg china

Smashed windows at a Guizhou high school cafeteria.

From NetEase:

Thousands of students at a Guizhou high school unhappy with increasing food prices attack cafeteria at night

Summary: November 24, a netizen published a post stating that a school cafeteria/canteen riot occurred at the Number 2 Middle School in Liupanshui city of Guizhou province, with over a thousand participants. The reason the students vandalized the cafeteria was because the school cafeteria that evening announced a price increase. At present, the school has already begun cleanup and repair of the damaged portions of the cafeteria.

Smashed windows at a Guizhou high school cafeteria.

Overturned cafeteria tables and benches at a Guizhou high school cafeteria.

Chinese high school student rioters in the cafeteria they attacked and vandalized.

Chinese high school student rioters in the cafeteria they attacked and vandalized.

Comments from NetEase:


Guizhou’s students are China’s role models.


When I was in college, I also participated in a cafeteria vandalizing event! It was intense, and the result was very satisfying! All the problems involving food quality, price, service, etc. that were ignored for years were suddenly all solved overnight! I don’t advocate solving problems with violence, but many times it [violence] is indeed very effective, especially against our various levels of [government] officials and their lackeys!


Every bottle of water is 1 yuan of money, if this isn’t robbery, then what is? Even monopolies cannot profit excessively. They deserved it! Well-done!!


Today’s fenqing and hanjian [Chinese traitors] are equally detestable, especially this group of students.


Our Guizhou truly is barren mountains and untamed waters producing unruly people, haha. Brother [referring to self] likes!


Brothers! If prices keep increasing, just trash the RMB.


We too are nearly unable to survive due to [rising] prices, and I too want to go vandalize some companies/work units.


Don’t wantonly break the law, what we want is equality, not special privileges/treatment. If everyone abides by the law, I don’t think anyone would want to fight, vandalize, and steal.


I am a third year student of this school! Actually, we too know this was wrong! But we really couldn’t take it anymore/had no choice! Since entering the school, finding a cockroach or fly in your food at the cafeteria were small problems! But there have even been mice found in the food! Every time something happens, there is always a student from our school who will report it to the relevant departments! Even calling the city and province government to report! But never have we gotten even basic handling [of our reports/problems]! What more, it is always one department shifting responsibility to another department again and again! The education department, the health department, and other departments just shifting responsibility back and forth. Even coming for an inspection is just putting on a show! It’s been like this so many times already! And prices keep getting higher! If you need proof, come to our school and ask any of the third years, they all know. Of course, if the school knows in advance that someone will come investigate, I dare say that not a single one would dare to say the truth. What more, we are a closed school [students are not allowed to come and go as they please], so apart from a very few students who only attend school during the day, the majority of boarding students [live at school] are not allowed to eat outside of school, and daily necessities are not allowed to be purchased from outside of campus during the school period. The school [businesses] only has one boss, who is completely running a monopoly at the school. At the front of our school is a market, and things inside the school are commonly more expensive than those outside! With the prices going up again and again, it has thoroughly enraged us! And that’s why this happened. Or did we all have nothing better to do than simultaneously be several thousand bad youths one day? Each and everyone of us without character? At least we know we are still high school students! However, we still need to respect our parents’ blood sweat money! It wasn’t easy for our parents to earn that money! However, after this incident, the school has indeed made big changes! But who knows how long it will last! Hope it will last a long time. Actually, our demands as students aren’t high! Really! Through this incident, I really hope the country/government can reflect on itself! Society always says women have no rights, teachers have no rights! I think students are the one who have the least amount of rights, having to put up with everything! We come out and report the facts and in the end are just dismissed! It must be said that this is the sorrow of our generation! The above are just some of my personal thoughts! I know it is a little idealistic, even a little extreme! But I’ve written them! As long as there is one person who approves of me, then it was worth it! Here I want to specially thank those people in society who have paid attention to this matter! Thank you all for your support, but I want to say that we did this bad thing because we truly had no choice! I hope this kind of thing will happen less and less! After all, the main trend of social development is harmony.


We must get the [government] leadership to attach importance [to this issue], the children were helpless [had no choice], we need to find the problem in the management [that led to this situation]. Those [government officials] who are living off the people, you mustn’t ignore the voice of the people, the children were considering the hardships of their parents.


These students are the real hope for the Chinese people’s future, ding!!!
Sigh, we no longer have that courage.

People who write very long paragraphs. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

12-Year-Old Vietnamese Model Becomes Famous On Internet – digg china

Goang Bao Tran Le, 12-year-old Vietnamese model.

From ifeng, NetEase, Tiexue:

Extremely young/cute 12-year-old Vietnamese model becomes famous on the internet, was Vietnamese modeling competition champion

Recently, a set of photographs featuring an extremely young model have quickly become popular on the internet. This professional model’s name is Hoang Bao Tran, she’s from Vietnam, is only 12-years-old, has previously won the champion title of a major Vietnamese modeling competition, is 1.72m tall, and her sweet looks and innocent smile have won the hearts of countless netizens.

12-year-old professional model from Vietnam Hoang Bao Tran Le.

12-year-old professional model from Vietnam Hoang Bao Tran Le.

12-year-old professional model from Vietnam Hoang Bao Tran Le.Hoang Bao Tran Le, 12-year-old professional model from Vietnam.

Hoang Bao Tran Le, 12-year-old professional model from Vietnam.

12-year-old Hoang Bao Tran is a Vietnamese model.Hoang Bao Tran, 12-year-old Vietnamese model.

Hoang Bao Tran, 12-year-old Vietnamese model.Hoang Bao Tran, 12-year-old Vietnamese model.

12-year-old Hoang Bao Tran is a Vietnamese model.12-year-old Hoang Bao Tran is a Vietnamese model.

Hoang Bao Tran Le, 12-year-old Vietnamese model.Hoang Bao Tran Le, 12-year-old Vietnamese model.

Hoang Bao Tran Le, 12-year-old Vietnamese model.Hoang Bao Tran Le, 12-year-old Vietnamese model.

From Mop:

12-year-old Vietnamese female model Hoang Bao Tran Le, hot body and lovable/adorable

Look, this bosom, these legs, this waist, this butt, is she really 12-years-old? I can’t help myself, makes me want to commit a crime—-Honestly, if you dared to push her down [come onto her], you’d have committed a crime, WX [acting indecently towards] a minor girl (loli), and I guarantee you’ll get 10 years…, and even if it was her who voluntarily pushed you down [come onto you], you would still be committing a crime…

This 1998 born, only 12-years-old, beautiful young Vietnamese girl Hoang Bao Tran Le (Lê Hoàng Bảo Tran), 1.72m tall, with sweet looks, is the champion of Vietnam’s Young Model competition, and what more, has already become the signature model of a certain modeling agency.

Comments from ifeng:


If she looks this old at 12-years-old, what is she going to be like when she’s 40-years-old?


Maybe Vietnamese girls have a common phenomenon/characteristic, which is big breasts? But even so, it shouldn’t develop this quickly, right?


If this girl is really only 12-years-old, according to China’s law, being a professional model is against the law. This young of a girl, not letting her go to school, is extremely inhumane.


This is clearly more like 20-years-old. Too frightening, 12-years-old should be an ignorant/innocent age.


Definitely not fake. Six years ago, my girlfriend at 12-years-old also had this kind of body, she was more well-developed/larger than [some] 20-year-olds. However, this kind of early development girls are only 4% of the population. This kind of girl will also age quickly, I’m not kidding.


That’s [physical] development is too good, looks like Vietnam’s living standards are really high!!


I suspect that food these days have high amounts of hormones, otherwise how are [people] maturing earlier and earlier? Hehe.


Definitely false reporting of age. At 12-years-old, no matter from what aspect, one will not develop this early, and females normally only begin maturing [undergo puberty] at 12 or 13 years old, and finish puberty at 16-years-old.


“Extremely young/cute 12-year-old Vietnamese model becomes famous on the internet, was Vietnamese modeling competition champion”????
This girl is really only 12-years-old, who would believe this??? That she is pretty no one will deny, but the only definitely thing is that this girl is not 12 years of age.
Everyone look closely, does she look 12-years-old? More like 22-years-old!
Really, there is no need for this kind of showing off!


So tender so tender, very good! How about coming to China? Here there are countless uncles who want to take care of you!


Her looks aren’t bad, but the photography and poses are from the last century, especially her facial expressions which are all the same.


Directors and agents take note, having sexual relations with young girls who are not yet 14 years of age will be punished as rape under Chinese law!

Well-developed. Personals @ chinaSMACK.


Car models have a higher appearance fees in China - photo-1 - Car Model Photos - Car Model Pictures

Car models have a higher appearance fees in China - photo-1 - Car Model Photos - Car Model Pictures

Chinese car models give you sensation in the winter sun - photo-1 - Car Model Photos - Car Model Pictures

Chinese car models give you sensation in the winter sun - photo-1 - Car Model Photos - Car Model Pictures

90"s small car models in China and close contact roadster - photo-1 - Car Model Photos - Car Model Pictures

90"s small car models in China and close contact roadster - photo-1 - Car Model Photos - Car Model Pictures

Chinese girl(car models) romance in the trailer - photo-1 - Car Model Photos - Car Model Pictures

Chinese girl(car models) romance in the trailer - photo-1 - Car Model Photos - Car Model Pictures

South Korea car models Lizhi You show the uniform temptation  - phot - Car Model Photos - Car Model Pictures

South Korea car models Lizhi You show the uniform temptation  - phot - Car Model Photos - Car Model Pictures

Los Angeles Auto Show Car models photos - photo-1 - Car Model Photos - Car Model Pictures

Los Angeles Auto Show Car models photos - photo-1 - Car Model Photos - Car Model Pictures


US Military’s “The Warrior Song”, Chinese Netizens Reactions – digg china

An American soldier.

From KDS:

This song is truly too impressive/awesome, the American military nakedly showing off

downloading Showing off one’s strength shouldn’t be like this, nakedly promoting killing. emoticon
The American military’s recruitment song “The Warrior Song“.

Troops are meant to invade.
All day talking about peace, peace your sister. emoticon

On YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

Comments from KDS:


Being a solider in America is one of the few jobs in the world where you can travel the entire world killing people for free.
And what more, it’s all legal. emoticon The precondition is that you are responsible for your own life, although most of the time it is you murdering others, because your equipment is so much better than the other side’s. emoticon


[A military, referring to China's military] that would rather destroy large amounts of expired ammunition than bear to give them to soldiers to practice with…
what use is this kind of military?
And yet [this military] still has the face to go escort [ships to protect them such as from pirates].
In the end, their task is always only to go pick up sailors that were released after being ransomed. emoticon


Watched it, very domineering/cocky [aggressive?]. emoticon


Americans like to kill people around the world. Very democratic, very human rights [a joke similar to this internet meme].


The purpose of an army is supposed to be killing people, discussing peace is the job of the politicians. It would be great the day our army can be this domineering/cocky, as long as it doesn’t oppress its own citizens.


Our military recruitment advertisements are very impressive/respectable too. emoticon

Chinese military formation: greeting the commander


I’ve heard this song’s melody in many films before, [but] the lyrics are always changing.
This RIP [I think he means "rap"] version is the most impressive one I’ve heard so far.

It’s almost to the level of the German SS’s “The Mass“.
This makes me feel like playing COD7 again. emoticonemoticon

Another version: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTg5ODM4MzUy.html


You guys [Americans] have The Warrior Song, we have The River Crab Song.

Comments from China.com:


Inspiring, this is exactly the kind of song soldiers should sing.


hahaha! Run into China’s People’s Liberation Army and you’ll be sorry!!! [sarcasm]emoticon


There is no politics in the song and only national interest, and yet it is extremely stirring!


America’s military cannot be compared with China’s soldiers! In terms of not fearing death, there isn’t a single country’s soldiers who can compare to China’s soldiers! This song definitely sounds like it was tailor-made for China’s soldiers!!! [sarcasm]


This is not a recruitment song, it’s just a popular song by a band/music group, a dark humor song. Which band/music group I don’t remember, but it is a few years old now~


Mighty American imperialism!!!!!!


We need to be more like American imperialism. I await conquering the world!


MGBD, Chinese just have to blow a little horn and this bunch of stupid cunts will be piss in their pants. [sarcasm]


Army songs should be like this, murderous/ferocious, much better than the army songs of certain countries that are all about their mommies.

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