‘Loving You’ Sung By Chinese Boy With High-Pitched Voice – digg china

Here is the “Loving You” sung by 张靓颖 (Zhang Liangyin) that many Chinese netizens are familiar with:

Comments from Mop:


This kid is constipated.


Why is grabbing his JB to sing?


Damn! The sound of a mouse’s son…


My balls are swollen [from pain] just listening to this haha.


Talented talented! This post will be hot!


Too incredible! His appearance is okay. Such a waste! This song has completely destroyed him!


To tell the truth,
[I] can sometimes make this sound farting.


Do not admire/be obsessed with brother…brother is a brother who has eaten rat poison.


Even though I laughed, it is very harmful for such an old person making this kind of sound. I couldn’t make this kind of sound after my voice changed.


Kao~ I had just took a drink of coke and this brother made his crazy sound. My monitor…


Aunties Fight On American Bus, Chinese Netizen Reactions – digg china


This is an incident that happened on a San Francisco bus. The Cantonese auntie's English is limited and she can only say few words such as "F-word you" and "you are stupid". The black auntie hit the Cantonese auntie first and it evolved into a full scale fight later.

Here's the movie:

It is said the black auntie took two seats and the Cantonese auntie said "Excuse me" and asked her to move. The black auntie refused.

  1. The black auntie pointed to the auntie's face with a finger and yelled "You are going to walk off the bus".
  2. The Cantonese auntie defended her dignity, said "You are stupid" and "f-word you"
  3. The black auntie got close to the auntie and said "say it again, say it again"
  4. The Cantonese auntie said it again
  5. The black auntie hit first
  6. The Cantonese auntie fought back and showed her flying kick
  7. The black auntie was defeated.

Comments from Hoopchina:


I thought I was watching a US soap opera.


What an exotic flavor!


Did the black person forget they also fought for their racial rights on a bus before?

Comments from Mop:


Cantonese auntie is fearless!!! The black is unequal.

However, the people on the bus were so apathetic which made me sick ~~~

China is still better ~~~


It's said it happened in NY. The auntie carried a lot personal stuffs onto the bus. The black took two seats and refused to give one. Then they quarreled. The black took the first hit and the Cantonese Auntie fight back. Some passengers yelled "beat her" in Cantonese.

Hghv vcvc:

[in English] never start a fight but always finish it.that is good.


That's the sexy 80s' sport suit and a flying kick. Swiftness has nothing to do with body weight indeed.


This auntie is fearless. Pity she doesn't speak English.


I'm feeling embarrassed. We are all calling this auntie "Kong Fu Panda" now.


Is the auntie Huang Fei-Hong's descendent?


I should be more careful next time I get on a US bus.


A black people has already become president.


They probably forget Chinese fight with Kong Fu.


I heard that some passengers yell"stop fighting" in Cantonese.


Beating people is wrong, but I think this is a good one!


This is more refreshing than the parade.


I support this auntie’s actions. Black people that once had no human rights in the United States but now dares to bully us Chinese people deserve to be hit. Do they not know China presently holds sway over the world economy?

Comments from Chinanews:


Now I know the importance of learning a foreign language.


And I know the importance of learning Chinese Kong Fu.

Putin Arrives To Do Business With China, Netizen Reactions – digg china


The Russian Federation’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is currently visiting Beijing and signing contracts with Chinese companies. Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Zhukov told Reuters last Friday that the two countries will make deals worth $5.5 billion in thirty-eight areas, including the financial industry, telecommunications, mineral extraction, natural gas, nuclear energy, oil refinement, electric power, transportation and infrastructure. Some highlights of the deals are:

  1. "Sistema will sign a $200 million funding deal with the Bank of China and telecoms equipment maker ZTE Corp." (Reuters)
  2. "China National Materials (Sinoma) and investment holding company CNBM will sign four cement production facilities construction deals with Russian cement maker Eurocement." (Reuters)
  3. Establishing a mechanism between the two countries on mutual acknowledgment of Ballistic Missile launching.
  4. A joint petroleum refinery plant in Tianjing which has 15-million-tons-per-year production capability. A petroleum pipeline between the two country had already been finished in May this year.
  5. It also includes a memorandum of China helping Russia building its high speed railway systems. The railway between Vladivostock and Khabarovsk will probably use Chinese technologies. Experts say China’s technical advantages in High Speed Trail over Japan and France are 1) China provides a comprehensive engineering solution from infrastructure construction (工务工程?), railway communication system, power grid laying to train construction while no other country can provide. 2) China’s railway engineers have better technological experiences on upgrading old railway systems 3) Chinese construction companies are able to build systems on a tight budget, usually about 20% lower than some other countries. The railway between the two cities will cost from billions to tens of billions USD.

Prime Minister Putin will also attend the Eighth Ministers’ Meeting of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO).


English media coverage can be found on Google News. Sina.com also has a good coverage of the event in Chinese and following are selected comments out of about 1000:

"I love my family" from Zibo, Shandong:

[Putin is an] old friend. Hope the two countries will have more cooperation, mutual support and co-development.

华哥 from Chengqing:

We should keep a friendly relation with Russia for generations. I kind of like Russian people’s character. Wish the two countries can be good neighbors.

Anonymous mobile user:

Cooperation with Russia makes China’s backyard safe and will give China more room to claim its interests in the Middle East. That’s quite different from our trade with the United States.

Anonymous mobile user:

Hope the contracts will be truly realized, political mutual trust enhanced, cooperation promoted in areas like foreign affairs, military cooperation, economics, labours, energy, culture, technology and anti-terrorism. The final goal should be a win-win and revival of both. China and Russia jia you!

Anonymous mobile:

I want to ask Prime Minister Putin when you guys will sell Tupolev Tu-160 heavy bombers to us.

Mobile user from Sichuan:

In China, there are much more American things than Russian. [The commenter means America still influences China more than Russia does]

Mobile user from Shandong:

There’s no eternal friends but forever interests.

Nano 10 from Handan, Hebei:

It’s quite reasonable that Russia doesn’t want to sell China its top weapons since the two share a border. However, we can’t deny that China couldn’t achieve today’s modernization in military technologies without Russia’s help.

Anonymous mobile user:

I’m very interested in Russian songs. Hope my generation can be familiar with Russian music as much as the 50s generation were.

Mobile user from Shandong:

Pupu [Putin's Chinese nickname given by a female?] is so smoking hot.

Mobile user from Guangdong:

Investing in Russia is better than buying trashy American debt.

Anonymous mobile user:

Another money borrower is coming to China? Did he forget how Russia treated Chinese businessmen earlier this year?

Woexin from Beijing:

Nice. In the 50s, Big Brother taught us how to make the A-bomb and today we teach Big Brother how to make high speed railways. [Many people in the older generations still have a favorable memory of the Soviet Union's help with China's rapid industrialization in the 50s, despite ugly things that happened in the 60s and 70s between the two countries. Many can still be moved to tears when they listen to a Soviet song. In many Chinese people's opinion, gratitude is always gratitude and this applies to any country that helped China before.]

Lumanman from Jiangsu:

[Sorry. My translation to this one is quite poor since there are a lot Chinese idioms in it.] Sun tzu said: "He who can modify his tactics in relation to his opponent and thereby succeed in winning, may be called a heaven-born captain." Any tactics must be based on real situation. Well said. The two Superpowers’ ruling the world was already a part of history. On the surface, America is the only remaining superpower and everyone has to painfully submit to it, but actually its glory will reach its end soon since it has already established so many enemies in the world. American strategists know it better than anyone else. So they are making a common target to shield themselves and that scapegoat is China. Advocating G2 is one such trick.

So based on today’s situation, what strategy should our China take? In the chaotic time of Warring States Period (476 BCE to 221 BCE), two of the most remarkable strategists were created, "Hezong Hezong" [making alliance with weak ones when you are weak] and "Yuanjiao Jingong" [making alliance as many as possible with whom doesn't have conflicts of interest with you].  Look at today’s China. Is it weak or is it strong? Though our total economic volume is among top three but our GDP per capita is one of the poorest, let alone our natural resources are extremely limited. Knowing where we are in the rank, we then can choose the best strategy and that strategy is "Hezong". We must make as many friends as possible in the world. Cooperating with Russia is the smartest choice. This strategy should not be altered as long as America still acts like a bully superpower.


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Old Chinese Man Selflessly Cares For His Mentally Ill Family – digg china

The old man

From Tianya:

An old man takes care of three mentally ill family members, a 70-year-old nuclear researcher’s sad late years

Gazing down from my balcony, I can always see this seventy-plus year-old man [pictured above], carrying pots and bowls in a plastic bag, walking alone in the afternoon sun. I heard that this old man is delivering food to his daughter who suffers from schizophrenia. I started to pay attention, and noticed that every day, no matter what season or how terrible the weather, he never failed to come. Not long after, I heard that this white haired man’s surname was Wei, and in Huangdao [in Qingdao], he is considered famous, one reason being that he was one of the early researchers of the atomic bomb, the other reason being that his family is riddled with tragedy. A family of four, his wife suffers from schizophrenia; his two children, one is schizophrenic, the other congenital mental retardation, [the children] both nearly forty years old, without jobs, without families of their own.

His wife and two children are all unhealthy, with many people all saying it is due to nuclear radiation. Nobody’s tried to prove these claims, the old man himself keeps his silence. His days are like a flowing stream or a wispy breeze, quiet and unnoticed.

The retarded son [pictured below], I am quite familiar with. He used to sell cassette tapes along the street corner. But he doesn’t know how to greet customers and his head was always lowered. After a while, all his cassettes were lost. Sometimes, local thugs would pick on him and beat him up. Perhaps it’s because of his condition, but he never seemed to mind and aways smiles when he sees people. The daughter, I heard she has trouble sleeping at night, and has severe obsessive compulsive disorder. Her living space is very dirty and full of dust. But it can’t be cleaned because moving items will agitate her. A few times I saw the old man taking her to the hospital. She was so thin, only around 70 lbs, and was in a daze, the sight was truly pitiful! It’s easy for mental patients to be tired of the world. Two years ago, both the wife and daughter tried to commit suicide. One took sleeping pills, and wasn’t found until 20 hours later. The other slit her wrist, and dyed the floor red with her blood! Thankfully both were saved. But after ground-shaking events like that, there seemed to be no aftershocks. The old man was still quiet, wise, walking down the same road day after day, taking care of his unfortunate family.

The burden of taking care of this family falls entirely on the small old man, it’s truly remarkable. Everyday, I see the old man bringing home groceries. Sometimes, he would take a walk with his wife, hand in hand. He ignores the perspiration on his own forehead, but takes care to wipe it away for his wife. Obviously, he’s very caring towards his family. Honestly, someone his age giving long term care to 3 patients, no one could take it. I have no idea how the old man’s own health is, I just see him persevering through the seasons. The neighbors see this and sigh: when he collapses from exhaustion, how will his family survive!?

A while ago, I went to his home as a student volunteer. His place is very small and narrow. It was unimaginably run down. An old computer and a broken swirl chair were basically everything he owned. Books and medicine dominated the undecorated bedroom that was 50 to 60 square meters. The entire morning, the old man bustled about, giving his wife a massage as he chatted with us. We felt the benevolence and amicability of an old man. He’s very knowledgeable and optimistic, and laughs as though he doesn’t know what worry is!

Afterwards, we found out that the old man’s name was Wei Shijie, had worked on nuclear research for 26 years, and personally participated in research and experiments for our country’s first atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb, and missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons! He is also a known author, having written more than ten books. No wonder there were many awards and trophies on his walls and bookcase. It’s clear that he made many contributions to our country: “Department of Nuclear Industry Honor Medal”, “Outstanding Science and Technology Employee”, “Qingdao Outstanding Communist Party Member”

Frankly, I don’t know how much longer this old man can keep going. But, we grow old, time doesn’t stop, watching the old man getting weaker everyday, I don’t dare to go down that line of thought…

This year’s Senior Day is fast approaching, I think, we can’t let this old man who’s contributed to our great country continue to suffer. Hope our society will take care of this old man, and all seniors that need to be cared for!

The old man's son

Comments from Tianya:


I can guess the content of the replies below. But, how is this any of my business?


Believe in the party!


Believe in the government, believe in the party.


Poor old man.


Chinese characteristics


I’m just looking..no comment.


I’ve heard about one too. Both parents are nuclear researchers. Two sons both with cerebral palsy. They lock the children at home when they go to work.


A country’s elite turned so dreary, my heart is cold!

Obama Awarded 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, Chinese Reactions - digg china


Yesterday, United States President Barack Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. This news surprised many people around the world. Here is President Obama’s speech responding to the news, on YouTube:

Below are some Chinese netizen reactions to the news from NetEase:


Obama has only been in office for several months
and he wins the Nobel Peace prize.

Those awarded the Nobel are indeed manipulated by the Americans.

If Nobel was still alive

he would definitely be pissed off.


A disgrace of the Nobel Prize!


I really do not understand how he too can win the Nobel Peace Prize. What are the criteria for the Peace Prize?


Let’s first clarify some things because I know I will be bricked by a certain group of people soon, so let me put on some protective clothing first.

With Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize this time, I won’t say it is completely impartial/fair, but there is a sort of rationality [with it].Tthe judges too would not casually hang the prize around any person’s head as that would be a disrespect to the Nobel and an irresponsibility to the world. FQ thinking has a certain characteristic, which is being unable to see other people’s good, unable to accept one’s own shortcomings, always criticizing without using their brains, and this is not desirable. Our countrymen have anti-American sentiments and the fundamental reason is because we are a big country, and we believe the world needs to respect us, identify/approve of us, and there is nothing wrong with this, but remember that while we are one of the world’s large influential countries, we are not the number one influential large country.

Obama winning the prize is because behind him is a large and powerful America. No matter what evils America has done in the past, that is his predecessors’ matters, and while he has not been in office long, he hasn’t yet done anything to plunge people into misery and suffering, right? It is because the United States previously did many evil things that Obama seems to be so highly commendable. He has chaired a historic UN Security Council General Assembly, history’s first nuclear non-proliferation and nuclear disarmament assembly, and even adopted the American proposed “non-nuclear world” resolution. This is an extremely positive matter for the development of human civilization, and only America has this kind of ability, and only America’s influence can bring the world’s countries together to sit down in consultation. Know that America is the world’s number one nuclear power, and only through this kind of proposal can there be the highest significance! Americans have been awarded the most of Nobel’s other natural science prizes, which is an embodiment of their country’s strength, so don’t say childish things like the Nobel is manipulated by Americans. Think about our own country, and how much more must be done if we want to produce Nobel prize winners, instead of belittling others in order to elevate ourselves! What good will that sort of thing do?

“One must first know shame first before becoming brave” [one must first be humble before one can succeed/improve], let’s make ourselves better, because a strong self is the most important. China is a big country, but it is not the world’s number one strong country. When we are truly strong and powerful in all areas, and remember this is regarding influence in all areas, then what matters will we not have a part of?

Don’t say I am infatuated with America, I too love my country! Okay, I’ve put on my protection suit, let the flames begin!


The Nobel Prize judging committee does not actually have a true standard for judging. They judge with their own sense of values and political orientation. Obama wins the Peace prize after just taking office, may I ask what contribution has he made towards world peace?


I only see a big group of brainless shit here making comments!
The Nobel Peace Prize has always been a political product, fundamentally different from the other prizes!
Just using one’s brain one would know, Obama right now has no capital/prerequisites to take this prize, but why do they still give him this prize? It shows that the Nobel Peace Prize judges are becoming more and more pragmatic!
One, first give this prize to Obama, which is like fitting Obama with political headgear, forcing you up Liangshan [forcing you to go one direction], forcing you to walk the path of peace.
Two, only America has the strength to maintain/safeguard world peace. If hope is not put on America, could other countries be counted on? This shows the pragmatism of this prize!
The Peace Prize is given to the future Obama, not the present Obama, but in giving it to him now, Obama now has an invisible pressure, and only with pressure will there be force/motion. This is the intention of this prize!
I must say, this awarding is very wise, and the brains in this group of judges truly were not wasted.
Compared to the group of shit brains we have here, it really doesn’t seem like we are from the same planet!


Inconceivable, unbelievable, actually giving the Peace prize to an American president that screams all day for murder, violence, and war — looks like hoping for peace in the future will be difficult, the “I am peace’s highest honoree, I am the most qualified to speak for peace” excuse will definitely be used more, and appalling wars against weak countries, small countries, and countries that could benefit them will be increasingly started!!! Humanity’s sorrow!! All is lost!!!


The Peace prize can be given to anyone, but it shouldn’t be given to Americans.


Although the war was not started by Obama, it does not appear that Obama has any wish to end the war after having taken office for several months, and is even currently considering sending reinforcements to the occupied country, and yet this kind of president can win the Nobel Peace Prize? Looks like the Nobel Prize is encouraging starting wars.


A pleasantly surprising good news! Sunshine president [Obama]!


Nobel is not resting in peace, I feel sadness for him. His descendants are truly embarrassing him.
The Nobel judges are all a bunch of laughable idiots, truly fucking arrogant.


Too laughable, America has already had so many presidents win the Nobel Prize, and what more, while they were presidents.
China’s natural sciences are not good enough, so if we are unable to win Nobel prizes, then fine. But why even in literature, economics, social they won’t give us Chinese? Isn’t this the West’s discrimination against China???


It should have been given to Belgian and International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge in recognition of his leadership of the International Olympic Committee to bring the Olympics to South America, and through international affairs bringing about a new way of thinking, which is not being bullied by Western powers, and daring to not give Obama face.


Do you believe American President Barack Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize?

View Results

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Chinese Lottery Winner Wins Record 359.9 Million RMB – digg china

From Sina:

Henan lottery player wins 359.9 million prize, how should he spend it?

This brother (sister [it is unknown if the winner is male or female) is too amazing, spent 176 yuan and won 360 million! Everyone think, how do you spend this much money?
Relatives and friends will trample his (her) doorway?


Let's look back on this historical moment--

On the very last day of this double-holiday vacation, one Henan lottery player during the 2009 118th "Double Color Ball" lottery, won 88x the first place prize, winning a total of 359.9 million yuan [~52 million USD]. This lottery player broke 113 million yuan sum record set by a Gansu Jiayuguan lottery player on 2007 November 27th and has become the country’s #1 lottery winner.

There is a poll on this post. Here are the questions and results from 69,710 votes (as of 2009 October 9 @ ~20:00):

What do you think of the Henan lottery player winning 359.9 million jackpot?

1. Too shocking, incredible. (53,770)


2. Felt it was inevitable, but the amount of prize money is high. (8,005)


3. With so much money in the prize pool, a huge win is normal. (7,935)


Does the jackpot influence your “Double Color Ball” [lottery] betting/wager strategy?

1. Maintain wager, unchanged. (38,067)


2. Will lower wager. (20,142)


3. Will increase wager. (11.501)


What do you think the next China lottery record will be?

1. Individual wins over 500 million. (52,246)


2. Individual wins over 1 billion. (17,564)


A sample Chinese lottery ticket:


Comments from Sina:


No way, with this much money, it is more than enough for an entire lifetime~


Oh my god, I don’t believe this is real, and strongly request some investigation, but hopefully there will not be any kidnapping. With this much money, O(∩_∩)O~, I guess first take care of settling down/having a family. Sigh, brother, [I] envy you. Envious me is already drooling. emoticons|E___7342ZHWSSIB|震惊


The highest prize I have ever won was 2000 yuan…such a tragedy.


I think this brother will need to hide winning this prize from his relatives and friends! Haha.


Money he now has, but how much life does he have left? I’m truly worried for this brother.


[This is] definitely a fake/ploy, “the sky will not drop pastries” [there is no such thing as a free lunch]! [This] will only make you sink deeper, lottery tickets is just another kind of gambling!


How he should spend it is his own business. However, this lottery player indeed needs to keep a clear head!


First thought is that this is too ridiculous. Then, shaken. What is money now? (to him [the winner])


Don’t be envious, 50% of those who win big money very quickly go bankrupt, haha.


Stupid, the country is too corrupt. Why doesn’t the country use this money to go improve the lives of its citizens, improve social inequality? Instead it uses it to promote gambling!! This money was not earned through labor, so what meaning is there in using it!

Chinese Girl’s Stunning Conversation Overheard On Metro – digg china


From Mop:

Girl’s most stunning mobile phone conversation overheard on metro, so feisty!

Morning, on board Metro Line 10, quite crowded, rush hour, but not unbearably jammed. A girl with long straight hair stood next to me. [She had] a bob with bangs that were slightly slanted. [She was] dressed stylishly, a bit sexy but also a bit cute. How do I put it? Black, ordinary black t-shirt, but with a large collar, inconspicuous in the front but a large portion of her back was exposed. Pale, smooth skin, jean shorts, pale legs, a pair of white sneakers, long black socks that comes up to the knees like a school girl. She didn’t have a bag, just one hand hooked onto her belt, the other holding onto a pole.

Yes, yes, you all want to ask me why I observed her so closely. Her phone conversation later made me feel that she is just too interesting. Extremely interesting. I’m a girl and I feel that she has personality, what she said was extremely 雷人.

At first, I didn’t notice her even though she was right beside me. Then her phone rang and I began to take note because she had the same ring tone as me, ‘I Believe’ by Tata Young [a Thai singer]. The first time it rang, she took it out of her pocket, checked the number, and didn’t pick up…It rang for almost a minute.

Second time it rang, she still didn’t pick up.

Third time, she answered. I don’t know what the person on the other end said, but this girl’s language is unique and…remarkable.

The following is her phone conversation, I tried my best to write down everything from memory….let’s call her A.

Third ring, she picks up.

A: What? Talk!

A: Forgive? Forgive what? Are you fucking finished? I ignore your cell, you use your home phone, I ignore that and you use your friend’s phone. Are you a crook?

A: Explain? Explain what? I only saw the truth. When you dared to find a ‘lao po‘ [nickname for wife/girlfriend] on the internet and give her your number, you should’ve foreseen today’s consequences/result. What is there to explain?

A: Funny, that’s because I found out early. I found out about you and that woman just when you’re about to hook up, if I hadn’t, who knows how far you would’ve gone.

A: Things on the internet aren’t serious? She calls you ‘lao gong‘ [nickname for husband/boyfriend], it’s on your cell phone, and you still call it playing around? You sure know how to play!

A: Then what is being unfaithful? You and another woman chat on the internet, pine for each other, called each other lao gong and lao po, exchange phone numbers, then talk everyday on the internet. After that you meet, make out, go to a hotel, get naked, have sex—when you’re about done you shoot it outside, that’s all called not betraying me, right? (This was too for me.)


A: Don’t fucking talk so much, I’m not listening.

A: Give you another chance? That’s funny, give you another chance to cheat on me? Who do you think I am?

A: Fuck I can’t hear, get your fucking tongue straightened before you talk to me.

A: Don’t talk to me about chances, understand? I won’t give you another chance, if there’s a first time there’ll be a second time. If I make the same mistake once, I’m ignorant, twice, I’m an idiot, third time, then I’m a retard! I don’t even want to be an idiot, OK?

A: Are you fucking finished, because I don’t have the time to play online games with you, you find women on the internet. Does that mean I can go out with other men when you go to work at night?

A: Enough enough, stop calling alright? You’re fucking disgusting, I don’t want to turn off my phone, I have work and I have clients, I don’t have time for this hassle.

A: No forgiveness! How many times do you want me to say it?

A: That’s fine, you think I care?

A: If you didn’t care, why are you talking so much?


A: Listen up, there are only two words I want to say to you: go die!!!

A: Go fucking die as far away from me as fucking possible, understand?

A: Don't fuck with me. Put my key on the table. Starting today we’re not associated in any way. Take all your stuff, if you don’t I’ll throw them away.

A: I’m overreacting? That’s fucking hilarious, I’m not 70 going on 80, or what, did I not treat you well? Did you need to find emotional shelter on the internet? Did you need to give her your phone number? Did you need to call her lao po? Did you need to text her and let me find out?

A: Get out! Can’t you understand Chinese?

A: That’s right. We’re over, over, over, find a mirror and look at yourself! A dog with two legs is rare, men with two legs are all over the street!

A: Aiya, thank you brother, it’s been days and you finally agreed to break up, thank you very very much. Watch your step when you go, I won’t be there to see you off. Also, listen up and remember. From today on, don’t tell anybody that I’m your ex. Having dated you, I’m ashamed. Don’t talk to me when you see me on the street alright? Of course don't worry I won’t greet you either, I’ll treat you like empty space. Don’t tell people that you know me. Alright? That’s it? From now on we don’t know each other. Alright!

Comments from Mop:


It would be my mistake not to ding.


Louzhu it's you that's niu, remembered so well, even complete with the tones.


The man is cheap, the girl is awesome.


Stunning. I can only admire.


Can't not ding a post as NB as this.


That part is so fucking classic. When you're about done you shoot it outside, that's called not betraying me. I…


"After that you meet, make out, go to a hotel, get naked, have sex—when you’re about done you shoot it outside, that’s all called not betraying me, right?" So eloquent.


Note: All images are unrelated to the original post & comments.

Chinese Company Buying Hummer Brand Deal Criticized – digg china


Few in China knew the private company Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery (STHIM) until it released a deal to buy Hummer from American General Motors in June. STHIM became the center of the spotlight since then in China.

Some background knowledge about Hummer: the civilian off-road vehicle was derived from the military M998 High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (Humvee) by AM General. The model was criticized by many mainly for its poor fuel economy. Due to the soaring price of crude oil, the sale of Hummer dropped from ~82k in 2005 to ~500 in the first five months of this year. Hummer is not the American military’s Humvee and China does not lack military multipurpose vehicle technology since Dongfeng Mengshi developed the People's Liberation Army's HMMWV in 2002, which became active in service in 2006.

According to the contract, Tengzhong will only obtain ownership of the brand while keeping the management and factory in US to save about 3000 jobs. The transaction hasn't been approved by both Chinese and US regulatory agencies and many believe that the bid will probably be blocked by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC, a Chinese government agency). You can also read about this deal on Google News.

What do Chinese think about this business deal online? Sina has a series of reports and experts' opinions on the sale with over 25k comments in the commenting area. I don't have time to translate all of them but the following are what I think is representative of the first few pages:

Anonymous mobile user:

People who drive Hummer are insane. This garbage vehicle burns ten times more fuel than average [sarcasm]. I felt disgusted every time I see a Hummer.

1968lozi from Yiyang, Hunan:

[Tengzhong is] collecting garbage.

Willseesoon from Shanghai:

Classic American garbage and they [Tengzhong] treat it like a jewel. How pathetic?

steven_1296 from Shanghai:

No government subsidy should be given. Let them buy with their own money.

Mobile user from Hubei:

Hope they not only buy the brand and licenses but also the technologies.

Mobile user from Zhejiang:

This is a publicity stunt by STHIM.  Tengzhong, don't overdo it to piss off Chinese people.

比来比去 from Beijing:

We worked, we paid and we fed Americans with our blood and sweat!

hanfeiyu from Jiangsu:

150 millions USD to buy a brand? Is that helping US to solve its unemployment?

wuzhongquan777 from Xi'an, Shanxi:

US recently placed tariff on Chinese tires, installed inspection on Chinese seamless steel pipes, and these traitors sent 800-2000 millions USD to America only for a brand? I hate it so much. Taxation department should inspect how much tax they evaded. Even though they paid with their own money, Tengzhong should take certain level of social responsibility.

If we don't block the deal ASAP, it will definitely be passed when Obama comes to China in November. We should boycott Tengzhong together.

adongdong222 from Shanghai:

BYD bought Qinchuan to start making cars so it's normal for Tenzhong to buy Hummer too. They are just as crazy as the Automobile Insane Li Shu-Fu. BYD wouldn't make Flyer as their flagship and Tengzhong wouldn't make H2, H3 as their flagship either. Hummer sedan will be the focus. Hummer is a Chinese brand now.

m1010662581 from Sichuan:

It's worth it if the assembly line is moved to China. Senior management team and PR department can be left in US, in order to reduce the political pressure from both sides to minimum.

ans88 from Hebei:

Besides mysterious owner and mysterious funding, the company is changing its boss secretly. I seriously doubt the funding is legal. Is there any money laundering involved?

Xcdvbf from Hubei:

I don't care what the reason this SB company has for buying Hummer, the [money-sucking] black hole. I only want to know where its 800 to 2000 million funds comes from and which bank swallowed the poison pill.

花风源 from Chengdu, Sichuan:

China should have its own ICAC-like agency to monitor capital flow.

Mobile user from Shanxi:

Market economy, free development, all bulls**t.

Image Credit: Sina.com

British Drug Smuggler’s Death Sentence, Netizen Reactions – digg china


Recently, a British drug smuggler’s death sentence was upheld by the Supreme People’s Court in China. News on Xinhuanet.com:

Death penalty on British drug dealer in line with Chinese law: spokesman

BEIJING, Oct. 13 (Xinhua) — Chinese court’s sentence of death penalty on a British drug trafficker is in line with Chinese laws, said a spokesman for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday.

Akmal Shaikh, 53, male, was sentenced to death in the first instance trial by the Intermediate People’s Court of Urumqi Municipality in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on Oct. 29, 2008, said Ma Zhaoxu, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at a regular news briefing.

The case is currently being reviewed by China’s Supreme People’s Court, Ma said.

“All the procedures have been in line with relevant Chinese laws. During the trial, The accused and the counsel had freely exercised their rights of defense, and translation service had been provided to the accused. His legal rights had been fully guaranteed,” he said.

According to Ma, the British embassy in China and a British organization had proposed to organize mental disease examinations on Akmal Shaikh, while offering no evidence that he may be suffering from mental disease.

The accused had said that he and his family members had no history of mental diseases, Ma said.

The case is under examination, he said.

So what do Chinese people think of the sentence online? A survey from Huanqiu.com shows that among the netizens who took the survey:

  • 98.8% (3528 votes) support the Supreme People’s Court's sentence;
  • 96.7% (3737 votes) think the British media is interfering in China's internal affairs.

In another survey that asks "What do you think of British media's report on this incident":

  • 53.9% (1924 votes) think these reports show Britain still has an outdated colonial mindset;
  • 30.1% (1074 votes) think the British media is using "human rights" as an excuse;
  • 16.0% (569 votes) think they are sensationalizing this incident with malicious intentions.

English coverage can be found on Google News.

Following are some translated Chinese comments from various source:

From Huanqiu.com:

Of course I support. No matter if he's Chinese or a foreigner, on Chinese land, he should obey Chinese laws.

Mercy to drug smugglers is a crime against the people.

People's rights are based on the fact that everyone should be equal in front of laws. If we released this British criminal, what should we do to Chinese drug dealers? Should we abandon the death penalty? These scrum [drug dealers] would even risk their lives to smuggle drugs. If there's no death penalty, what will they be afraid of?

So if Hitler had "delusional psychosis and bipolar disorder", why do British people dig him from his grave every year [sarcasm]? That's so "lack of human rights".

The Chinese government should not pay much attention to British pressure. Drug smugglers deserve death penalty.

PRC government is not the same government in Qing Dynasty. We have judicial supremacy.

British dude, do you know? In ancient China the law is much more cruel. If you cheat in an exam, you die.

From Netease.com:

From Chengdu, Sichuan:

Britain should thank us for saving them from yet another drug dealer.

From Guangzhou, Guangdong:

The one who has "delusional psychosis and bipolar disorder" is the British media.

From Nanjing, Jiangsu:

International drug smugglers come commit crimes against the Chinese people. One comes, we kill one. Two come, we shoot a pair. Bullets for these scum are plenty. I support the Supreme People’s Court's sentence. He should pay a price for violating Chinese laws.

From Changsha:

What he's sentenced with is not the death sentence but loneliness.

From Qinzhou:

Akmal must die. We are collecting signatures to support his death penalty.

From Macfans.com.cn:

Ghmily from Guangzhou:

Wow! Four kilograms! And he put 4k heroin in his hand band just like that and tried to enter China? Is that too ignorant/arrogant?


I'm fed up with those people who use "mental disorder" as an excuse [to evade punishment from laws]. If you are mentally sick you don't have to pay a price for your crime? Everyone on the planet has some level of "disorder" in mind so we are all free from responsibilities …

Spirit of Six Strings:

[He] should be executed in public. "Pong" and China’s drug smuggling will drop by 30% immediately. Or we inject all 4kg heroin into his vein at once. If he can still survive then we let him go.


4 kg! He deserves several deaths. [Smuggling 50 gram heroin is the threshold for a death penalty in China.]

Discarded Food Waste Slop Recycled Into Cheap Cooking Oil – digg china


Slop oil is “refined” from slop or swill, which is the leftover “food” that people and restaurants throw away. Usually, slop or swill is fed to pigs but some unscrupulous people will gather the slop and “recycle” the oil in the slop to sell as cooking oil. Of course, this cooking oil is known as “slop oil” and it is cheaper than fresh cooking oil. Many street vendors who cook snacks (especially fried foods) may use this “slop oil” to save money and keep their costs low.

From NetEase:

Why has harmful slop oil once again flooded Wuhan?

(The bold black-hearted boss even guarantees: “Slop oil is safe to eat”). In March of this year, the internet exposed the Wuhan slop oil public health safety incident (refer to relevant report: “My god! Malicious Wuhan oil factories selling slop oil guarantee safe to eat“). The problem attracted heated discussion and criticism from netizens around the country. The problem also very quickly attracted the Wuhan city government’s attention and the relevant department committed additional people and man hours, conducting a city-wide special rectification operation that lasted over a month and investigated a large amount of slop oil (refer to relevant report: “Wuhan emergency seige of slop oil scenes (follow-up report)“). Yet, right when the people feel they can relax, who would have thought that illegal refining of slop oil would stage a comeback, and flood Wuhan.

At the end of September to beginning of October, 《王浩峰聚焦》["Wang Hao Feng Focus"] once again conducted an undercover investigation, witnessing large numbers of hideouts for the illegal refining of slop oil, with the hideouts on one street in the HongShan district being so numerous as to be innumerable; when it comes to refining slop oil, there are no procedures, and whoever offers the highest price is whoever it will be sold to.

This quickly, the problem has resurged. There are city residents who say this is not strange, is common, and is expected. With the supervision of some supervisory departments these days being “a gust of wind”, a problem is exposed, the leadership [government officials] will make some comments, there will be some on-site investigations, but they will see how the wind blows as they investigate and if no one continues asking and no one is after their positions/jobs, the investigations will stop there. Then, they will continue their own (tenured) lives of officialdom. [They will] let the same old problems wait until the next time they are exposed before saying anything. If they are not exposed, [they] won’t say anything.
















Comments from NetEase:


Fuck TMD, making money with a deadly thing.


These people should all die. The officials should also all die. Who will truly come supervise/manage this important problem of the people?


What place doesn’t have this kind of business, there are few hotels of medium-price and below that completely purchase cooking oil through proper channels!!!


May the relevant [government] departments use all their might to crack down on this black-hearted [unscrupulous] businessmen. When people have not yet died from eating this, don’t just punish them a little, because only treating it seriously when after people have died from eating this will be too late. (Recommendation: Make these black-hearted businessmen drink all of this oil themselves.)


Disgusting!!! MLGB!


Unable to extinguish, send in the chengguan


You are all overreacting…this is simply how it is in Wuhan…
When I have money, I must leave this city.


Only when life is impoverished will people become desperate!!


Ultimately this is — a problem created by the rich-poor gap.
Money has captured the majority of people’s hearts, and a minority have become too deeply poisoned; which is how this kind of reasoning has appeared: That as long a money can be made, no fear of people die; that the bold will get rich while the meek will starve to death reasoning; Then consider further: Big businesses are all doings this, so you cannot really ask why these [people] will do the same;
Quality — seems to have become a fairy tale.


Fucking what kind of people are these people? Arrest these kind of people and execute them. Making money should still involve finding a good line of work! Poor ignorant moral-less peasants. [I] strongly condemn [this/them]!!!


Let me say a something that is not impulsive: Taking these people out and shooting them would not be out of line.


Slop oil should indeed be stopped, no wonder it is easy to have reactions sometimes when eating out, probably most due to slop oil.
However, from a different side, our country should also promote not wasting food, reducing oil, and only ordering as much as appropriate. For example, the “shui zhu yu” [water boiled fish] dish, after the few pieces of fish are eaten is a dish full of oil gone to waste. I refuse to believe that the restaurant would throw away this dish of oil and immediately using it again is entirely possible; With other people eating a big table of food, most will go into the drain. [There are also people who collect oil/slop from drains.]

Nude Undeground Rafting By Chinese Girl & Black Man – digg china


Here is a set of pictures taken by one perspicacious tourist showing a Chinese woman and black man rafting in an underground cavern. This couple subsequently took the liberty of stripping down for all to see; at least until park attendants stepped in to prevent any further salacious acts. Predictably, the reaction from netizens were not all too kind.

From Mop:

Beautiful girl and laowai black devil take off clothes to go nude rafting in scenic area

Last weekend I went with a couple of friends to have a good time at the newly opened underground cave rafting in Qingyuan, Guangdong. It has been said that it is the longest underground river in the world.

We never imagined that a Chinese beauty and a [black man] publicly rafting nude in a tourist spot would be photographed by us.


Our party of 3 people walked about 1 kilometer on the embankment until we arrived at a photographing area, the first buffer zone [slower, more calm area of river?].


The two people as they drifted into the buffer zone I was in. They even treated me as a worker meant to photograph them. At this time, they were still honestly wearing their clothes and life-jackets.



Unexpectedly, the two people began fooling around to the point they started taking off their clothes.



In the end, with all their clothes removed, fooling around without regard for anyone else, completely not caring about the surrounding peoples’ looks of disgust.


In the end, only when the “Shen Bi Shan” [name of the scenic area/attraction] staff used hooks to pull them back to shore were they finally willing to put their clothes back on.

To tell the truth, “Shen Bi Shan” staff are pretty responsible, at least stopping two people this quickly.

Comments from Tiexue:


Truly fucking shameless, do they still have face?


Laowai’s [penis] are big, especially black people’s.


They are just settling a [sex] deal!!!


Shameless, losing face for Chinese people. If the workers didn’t stop them they were probably about to xxoo.


The replies here are all insults. *sweat*


That woman is Japanese!!! I’ll never believe she is Chinese even if you kill me!!!


Support, foreign devils are taking Chinese babes, [so our] fellow countrymen should also take their “babes”. Black ones are fine too.


I propose we human flesh search this shameless woman.


Sooner or later will get AIDS.


Let's not discriminate against sex workers!


I reckon it is the scenic area is using a hot topic to advertise; now this place is famous.

Comments on Mop:


Black people are very powerful, she must have experienced it.


The worker has nothing better to do, why not sit and watch animals have sex.


Chinese women today are all so low class.


These days, laowai all know that it is cheap to come to China to fuck B [pussy].


Unbelievable, are Laowai’s that great, I don’t think so.

Chinese Man Wearing Thong At Beach Disgusts Netizens – digg china


From Mop:

Both overwhelming and shocking, on a beach under the big blue sky, flowery butt man wearing thong plays in the water

On the last day of the long holiday, I took my baby to the beach. Not longer after we were there, my baby pulled me over and said, “Mommy, look, there is an uncle over there who isn’t wearing any pants!” Following my baby’s finger: Faint! If you say he isn’t wearing any pants, he still has a line of cloth in his crack; you say he is wearing [pants], but those two white butt cheeks are in eye-catching contrast to the beach! So shocking, I have seen thongs, I have seen women wear thongs, but seeing a man wear this kind of thing in broad daylight, in full-view, this is a historical first time!

My god! My god!

Faint! Faint!




Comments from Mop:


Such an ugly butt.


I rejoice that my PP [屁屁, pi pi, butt] is not the ugliest!


That butt…I want to vomit…I shouldn’t have clicked in…


LZ, you fucking disgusted me to death!
I just ate noodles!!!
That close-up!!
I fucking spit noodles all over my keyboard!!!


That thong is that girl’s, a set with that girl’s BRA…that girl’s bottom is that guy’s, I imagine they put the wrong ones on while in the water.


Why? Why would one post this kind of picture? May I trouble the LZ to next time label these kind of posts “Heavy taste, those who do not like should not enter!”


The butt has a lot of wrinkles.
Shows that he was once very fat and powerful.


Wearing a thong is already disgusting enough…
yet the lou zhu had to post a big butt covered with who knows what kind of strange disease.
Truly disgusting.

Are you a man who wears thongs? Or do you know a man who wears thongs? Sexy?

Want to find a flowery butt man who wears thongs? Try the free chinaSMACK personals!