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Chinese female tennis player Peng Shuai wins gold at the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou.

In mid-October, a young man driving a Volkswagen hit two girls at a Hebei University while taking his girlfriend home. The girls flew in the air and landed on the car’s windshield. Instead of stopping, he continued to drive away. On his way out, security guards and students managed to stop him from leaving the school. Confronted by the crowd, he dared them to sue him, saying “my dad is Li Gang”, a public security bureau deputy director for the Beishi district of Baoding city in Hebei province. One of the girls died and police reports that the young man, Li Qiming, was drunk. His arrogance made Chinese netizens furious and “my dad is Li Gang” soon became an internet meme.

From Mop:

Following Li Gang Gate: My daughter is Peng Shuai

On the 23rd, Chinese golden flower Peng Shuai overcame her opponent to win the Women’s Tennis Singles gold medal. However, while Peng Shuai was on the court achieving this, her mother was revealed by a volunteer to be off court making a scene.

The situation at the time was like this: While passing through the security inspection, Peng Shuai’s mother Zhang Bing was carrying a camera she did not know how to use (during the security inspection, those carrying cameras must take a photo facing the ground; this process Tian Ma [a photographer] has personally experienced before at the Asian Games), so the security inspectors [who are volunteers] became suspicious, and when a security inspector helping her turn on her camera took off the lens cap and threw it on the table, Zhang Bing slapped this security inspector. She also said, “so what if I hit you, my daughter is Peng Shuai”. The photos show: Left image is a photo provided by a netizen of the scene (at the time wasn’t sure if it was Peng’s mother or not), right image is a photograph of Peng Shuai’s mother Zhang Bing at Changsha being interviewed by a reporter that was found through human flesh search. Conclusion: The person making a scene was without a doubt Peng Shuai’s mother.

Zhang Bing, mother of Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai, comparison photo. Left shows her in an argument with Asian Games security personnel.

Amidst netizen discussions, I’ve seen many [2010 Guangzhou Asian Games event] volunteers post comments condemning Peng Shuai’s mother, with one netizen saying: “Setting aside how the armed police [security inspectors] treated your camera lens cap, raising your hand to hurt someone shows what kind of character you have. Such a heavy slap, the sound and swiftness I remember clearly. If you really are Peng Shuai’s mother, then she must be proud to have such a just and fair mother to help her raise her profile and name-recognition in society.”

However, in other places, complaints about the low/poor characters of the volunteers also frequently appeared, for example: “Given the constant conflicts/problems between the event volunteers and the media since the beginning of the event, some volunteers have already tarnished the very word ‘volunteer’.”

With regards to the matter of Peng Shuai’s mother, at present there has not been any official confirmation, and more information is required about the particular details. Separately, Chinese tennis athlete Peng Shuai’s mother Zhang Bing carried the torch during the Hunan Xiangtan leg of the 2008 Olympic torch relay.

China's Peng Shuai wins gold in the 16th Asiad for womens' singles tennis.

Comments from Mop:


Looking forward to follow-up reports…


We are already immune [to this kind of news]…thanks to Li Gang.


If it were me, I would just slap her back, my son is Li Gang!


This woman, this character,
You can easily tell she has never gotten an education!
Such low character!


What I want to say is…

her daughter brings glory to the country, while she is piling on shame for the country!


It’s not like her daughter is that famous. This kind of behavior from her is truly unbearable. So what if your daughter is famous, it doesn’t mean you yourself are some great person. A face of ugliness~~~


Where some people get their superiority complex is just this ridiculous.


Sigh. Chinese society is just like this. Even if one doesn’t have any ability [status, power, importance], as long as one’s family member has ability, then one must be a more arrogant.


This is the Heavenly Kingdom, it is very normal.


Zhuang B, [she's] just a lousy Asian Games champion, who fucking cares. Good thing it was the armed police, who have discipline and self-control. If it were an ordinary person, they would’ve fucking knocked this cunt onto the ground. That’s why they say our education makes people into dogs.

While I’m at it, let me say something about the issue of character. First, not all volunteers volunteered, there are volunteers who were volunteered. Don’t examine others from the perspective of a god/saint, that will only make others despise you.


I like to ding these kind of posts the most.

Chinese womens' tennis player Peng Shuai wins gold at the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games.

Gold-medal winning girls. Personals @ chinaSMACK.

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